by Franco Catalfamo
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When I was 14 years old, I saw this beautiful moped in the window at a bike/moped shop down the street from my dad's work. I told him about it and left it at that. 3 day s later my dad shows up with it after he finished work. What a surprise and I rode the shit out of it and loved every second of it. As I got older, the bike just sat for years and I would start it once a year when I got home. My dad said for me to sell it but it meant too much to me to sell it and told him that I would never sell it and one day 3 years ago I decided to work on getting it back to 100% but not loose its originality. The day I started it and took it out, it got dark and noticed that the lights sucked and the first thing was to get real lights so my mods are so far a stock crank, stock trans but flatten head, new piston, 15mm bing carb 74 jet, exhaust, 12v CDI, all led lights, 2nd led stop light, 2 led driving lights, top beam led, volt gauge, i-phone holder and usb charger built in, Michelin m45 tires, upgraded front sealed bearing, all led turn indicators and warning lights. I ported the intake port to match the 15 mm intake, 12v battery and the charges it a 13.5v, I am in the process of tuning everything but until now it hits 40mph and I am loving it!!! I know it has more to go and have to still flip 2nd gear clutch.


1979 Puch Magnum MK II




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