Scottish Samurai

by Benjamin Piper
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This Pacer Super Sport was built for style over speed. Inspired by some other classy SS builds, I set to work collecting items and cleaning up parts. The bike currently tops out at 33mph which I am pretty happy with for a stock engine. You can find this bike's adventures all over social media as I use it as my super model for my amateur photography. Also anyone wanting to know the who, what, when, where, why and How of this build can find the details below. Thanks for checking it out. - The Wandering Pacer. - - - - - - - - - - Edit 09.23.2016: Turns out I had my jetting all wrong, Now at 59. With the help of Chad Burke, we were able to get the jetting corrected. I was also having a timing issue and to reset my gap for the points. Bike runs great now. Edit 05.25.2016: Installed a 15mm MLM intake and a 15.15 Dellorto Sha. Upjetted to a 69. Used a nylons sock as a filter. I wasn't getting enough air and was 4 stroking. Edit 06.29.2015: Bought another M1 engine. Dropped my rebuild for this one to see how well this "new" one would do with hills before #rallyofthecorn (Instagram). Got it all bolted up but would not spark. Took the magneto from my rebuild and put it on this engine and it started right up. I also changed the 9mm intake to a 12mm. This engine is complete unlike my M1/Mo1 hybrid. It doesn't have the same top end but climbs hills like a beast which is what needed to be ready for the rally. I am currently maxing out at 30mph but I am sure I still need to make an adjustment to the timing. Doesn't seem quite right. I was able to keep up with the pack nicely. Franco Morini makes an awesome engine! Edit 06.16.2015: Built new exhaust extension bracket. The MLM pipe description says it was made for a Morini Sebring which I guess has a longer mount bar for it but the pacer is about 2" to short. I am also working on a way to get the kick stand to work. The Peugeot fork on the front a little longer than standard Pacer forks and I am wondering if the brace for the kickstand bent? Either way the kickstand sits forward to much and does not support the bike. Also got some new clutch springs in that I am debating if I should try to put on before the Rally of the Corn (shameless plug). Edit 05.20.2015: Tucked the gas line up and out of the way so I can use the foot rest and gives the bike back its clean lines :D Edit 05.16.2015: Let there be light! I have completed the wiring for the headlight and tail/brake lights. Took it out for a ride at night and they work very well. Edit 05.12.2015: Got in some parts today, an MLM peoples pipe. Started to hook it up but the mounting is a little off. So I made a temp extender and bolted it up. It ran great and was much quieter. I also upjetted to a 59 from a 57. Tighten the clutch cable with the help of some moped pros and adjusted the rear brake cable so it pulled smoother. Up next is finishing up the electrical to get the lights working. Edit 05.02.2015: Put a chain on it and took it for a short late night test ride. Other than it being overly loud from there being no exhaust, it ran rather well. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole ride. :)~~ Edit 04.28.2015: Installed a Knarp for the my throttle so I don't have to keep pulling the cable by hand to test start it. Uploaded some videos of the first test runs of the engine. Still need to get a pipe and chain before I can start riding. Videos are here: Edit: 04.26.2015: Everything in place and oil and gas added. I did a quick test start. Edit 04.20.2015: Wrapping up the wiring and added 2 key components that makes a moped a moped. ;) Edit 04.17.2015: Back in the air for wiring. Edit 04.10.2015: Reassembled the engine with the new crank, new piston and cylinder. Bolted the engine up to the bike so I can oogle at it. :)~~ Edit 04.01.2015: Bought a NOS M1 Crank on ebay. MMM soo minty fresh. Started to reassemble the engine. Edit 03.29.2015: Slowly took apart my spare MO1 so I could know how to put the M1 back together. Also will be using some parts from MO1, namely the main gear that I broke off of the M1. :D Edit 02.19.2015: Split the engine but broke a transmission gear trying to get it off. :( Edit 02.07.2014: Installed brake cables with new cables and cable nipples. Breaks work YEAH! (Side note: I need to work out, build stamina. Pushed the bike to the top of a hill and was winded. Ugh. How else you gonna test brakes with no engine :D) Installed a new bullet headlight. When I originally got the bike it came with a speedometer in a plastic housing that you bolted to the handle bars. Not a fan of this look. Took the speedometer out of the housing and installed it into the bullet. Perfect fit and looks O so nice. :)~ Installed new petcock. The old one was seized and when I took it apart is was nasty. Bought and installed some nice vintage CEV switches, Lights/Horn and Run/Kill. (Still need to wire the bike) I like the chrome covers and they fit well into the theme of the bike. I have them on my step through Pacer and thought they would be perfect for this one also. Bought a 50cc cylinder with piston/rings. For now trying to keep the bike mostly stock. May change down the road but I want to see how a stock M1 preforms over a stock MO1 which I have on my other bike. Clutch is being a bear to get off. Will need to get some assistance to hold things in place while I wrench it off. Also bought a float needle for the carb since it was missing from the one given to me. Re purposed the brackets the that mounted the speedometer to the handle bars to mount the tail light. Worked perfect. I highly recommend these tail lights and think they compliment a bullet headlight nicely. Edit 02.05.2015: New Tail light. Its styled from a 1930's Ford (or so they say). I decided to go this route to add a more classical look. I just need to figure out how best to mount it to the bike. More treats on the way. Stay tuned. Edit 01.23.2015: Installed Swingarm to frame- Had to remove some of the powder coat on the frame to allow the swingarm to bolt up. Installed the new shocks onto frame and swingarm. Rebuilt rear wheel assembly and changed out the 42t sprocket that came with the "new" spokes for the 32t that originally came with the bike. Installed front EBR headset and forks. Used the old 2x4 technique as instructed in the old moped manuals to get the headset cups on the frame. Adjusted the front forks to get my wheel pointing forward. Temporarily installed fenders to get placement and fit. Will need to add connectors to bottom of the front fender arm braces. I had to modify the front fender top arm braces because the EBR fender bolts sit higher than the Pacers standard forks. The front fender now sits at the correct height above the wheel and avoids hitting the bottom plate of the forks. Adjusted the brake levers for better comfort on the handle bars. Installed Tank and Seat. I had to tap the gas tank holes on the frame to clear the powder coat so the bolts would attach. The seat fits very snug against the gas tank and took a little persuasion to get the seat bolt holes to line up. Rode bike back and forth in the garage because it was fun. :D Edit 01.17.2015: Frame/Swingarm/Kickstand powder coated. Edit 12.16.2014: Current status is as follows. Cleaned and De-rusted the tank. De-Rusted swing arm and kickstand. New chrome Peugeot 103 EBR forks. Different set of 16" chrome spokes (Better Condition). Different rear fender (Better Condition). NOS Pacer saddle seat. New chrome Mid Rise handlebars. New Magura Controls - Left Brake/Clutch, Right Throttle/Brake. New grips. New brake switches. New brake and throttle cables. 280mm rear shocks. 10.18.2014: Just got the bike. More to come. Model is a Pacer Super Sport.


1980 Pacer Super Sport




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Ryan Oliver : Oh, that's what they're supposed to look like. I've got a "custom" 76 pacer for cheap that some one took their harbor freight welder and put a general 5 star tank on it and welded the entire Frame crooked with a unlevel kick stand. It's pretty scary the engine is the last stock part on it, I nicknamed this beater the "Frankenstein moravous e50 star"

Benjamin Piper: Thanks man, its getting there. I got my parts from everywhere. lol Some from MA, treats, 1977, ebay, lucky2strokes... the list goes on. What you looking for?

Alex Arango: I got a 1978 im working on, i was wondering where you got all of your parts? Beautiful build by the way

Benjamin Piper: You and me both. :D

Tyler Rosonke: cant wait to see this finished!