SSXL103 (Cherry Bob-omb)

by Jeremy Sherrard
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There are two mopeds that, in my opinion, have the most beautiful lines, the Garelli Super Sport XL and The Peugeot 103. Both bikes being special in their own way, the garelli having such tasteful geometry between the tank and frame, and the 103 being the classiest of all grocery getters, with a subframe that we can all appreciate. I give you, my idea of the perfect hybrid, the SSXL103, code named "Cherry Bob-omb." Two perfectly good frames were mutilated to create this masterpiece. A local rider, Joe Seidt, helped me to acquire both frames. I wanted it tall, but racey, being 6'2", mopeds aren't exactly meant for my build, so some super tall shocks and forks later, and we have perfection. seat height is about 1.5" taller than a stock magnum. The Frame Breakdown: Garelli Supersport XL frame Peugeot 103 subframe and subframe mount Peugeot Technix Forks Sebac 380mm shocks The frame welds and tabs were cleaned up with the help of Mr. Jeremy Dubish (Jeremy Bandit). The seat was re-upholstered by Phillip Patrie (Responsible Jon). The frame was painted by a local body shop, KG's. Powder by myself at CBBG. The Motor Breakdown: Stock 103 cases Polini 70cc cast iron 19mm intake 21mm phbg polini reeds Polini 70cc head (decomp plugged) Moby CDI Malossi Multivar with stock clutch polini utah spring While later replaced for the mild build listed above, the original motor was built tested and tuned by the great Christophe Naulet of Tomahawk Mopeds. Check out his work at Tomahawk. While this bike, its colors, exact motor specs, and suspension will undoubtedly change, i wanted two things from it, an absolutely beautiful bike, and the ability to work directly with the community to cultivate that beauty. This bike now belongs to fellow Ghost Rider, Joe Colunga.






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Shane B: It's so gooood.

Elyse Dequina: nice!

Charlie Maynard: I can dig it.

Adam Nael: bring on the powdercoat !