by Andrew Scouten
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Polini SSXL Garelli with the 9th attempt at finding a proper pipe. UPDATE Damn this was my third moped? Errrrr at least within first five? This thing has been through at least 3 motors, and who knows how many variations, but its done? I rebuilt the motor with fresh bearings/seals/gaskets, then I added a Malossi kit, not the proper Malossi but the modified Benelli version, annnnddd it sucked. I could not get this damn thing over 40, I tired pipes, carbs, reeds, nothing, I was pissed, so I reached out to Chad Burke, we compared port maps and it seems the modified version of this cylinder is pretty neutered, back to the Polini! Toss in an HPI to assist the Hammer clutch, that sweet sweet pipe, a BRN head to help keep things sub 350, and bammm it rips again! Ya thats a 21PHB on a 19mm intake, buttt it was matched for the Malossi intake, whatever its a waste but its not costing me anything, so it stays, geared at 10x30 it can really rev out, pegs because I ditched all the pedal start jazz in the case when rebuilding. Though Im gonna be honest, those clip on's were hot when I was 22, at 35, I think this thing needs some new forks with proper bars, here's to future back issues!






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Andrew Scouten: The carb is a VM18 off of some small 2-stroke motorcycle, 5mm dell jets seem to fit, I was running an 82 with a 21mm phbg but this smaller carb just seems to hit harder, who knows what the atomizer is like but it is responsible for the jetting no doubt

Elyse Dequina: main jet is 100? it doesnt bog with that?

Shane B: Magical