Runaway Urban Assault

by Team Dirtped
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NEWLY UPDATED SPRING 2016 After a disappointing failure to get the bike ready for the Dirtquake USA event last summer, the Runaway has been in hiding, hibernation, and finally training/tuning for a big comeback this season. An MHR Replica 50cc cylinder proved finicky and self destructed shortly after showing promising initial results, and was replaced by a larger liquid cooled cylinder with something like a 46mm piston. I selected the 70cc Speedfight from the dropdown menu as it appears to be the closest match. A Stage 6 clutch from SIP Performance finally brought the requisite stall needed to matters out back, enabling spirited launches that are still controllable. Overall drivetrain balance and engagement is getting really good now with 15g +/- a gram or two up front (DR Sliders always) and the red contra spring working very well with the new clutch. Later this summer we'll put it on a Dyno and see what kind of numbers we can produce. Anyway, thanks as always to the talented and kind Michael Nazaroff for helping me make this bike the funnest money pit I own. Specs not listed: Variator: Stock w TJT ramp welded to fit Weights: 15g Dr. Pulley sliders Clutch Contra: Red Malossi Spring Belt: Gates AX31 Gearing: Reverted to stock gears (from PX50 race) Front Suspension: '03 Marzocchi Monster T Wheel Travel: 6.7in/170mm (Preload, Rebound, Compression, High Speed Compression) Rear Suspension: Fast Ace CRF50 11.5in monoshock-Wheel Travel: 5.5in/140mm-(Preload, Rebound) Intake: Trickmetric Dio 4 Petal-Reeds: .35mm Carbon Cockpit: RaceFace/Truvativ/Demolition Pedals: VP Beartraps Tires: Front: Hidenau Knobby (Treats), Rear, Vee Rubber Knobby (Treats) Plastics: CRF50 F/R fenders FAQ: Does it have 12v electricals? A: Yes Is that a starter button? A: Yes Still running oil injection? A: ALAS NO LONGER Does it do wheelies? A: Almost too many Take it off any sweet jumps? A: Just little ones ;) How fast is it? A: TBD, north of 50mph's Want to sell it? A: Nah, but thanks!






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Will Childs: Saw this bike at the spring uphill battle rally 2013. Super sweet ride. Looks fun to ride and super comfortable. Those front forks are so beefy. Nice work!!!

WillD: I like comparing this and Mark Tway's David Choppafeild. You took the chopped version and made it an enduro, he took the enduro version and made it a chopper. And both turned out much for the better

Nash Wiley: best urban EVER!

Theodore Rael: this is an inspiration for me. thanks!

Christopher Hoke: most urbane urban

Team Dirtped: I wouldn't lie to you Aaron

Aaron Fogg: Are those forks really from a MTN bike ? Holy shit this is HOT.

Matthew Kolb: Great job Steve!

terry dean: love it!

randall widhalm: this is mean looking. not gana lie i love the fork idea i never would have thought of it