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The bike was purchased from a guy living in the sticks outside of Charlottesville Virginia. The man told me he snagged it from his nephew before the kid completely rode it into the ground and was happy to see it go to a good home, but it seemed like he second guessed the sale based on how quick I jumped on the deal. It was too late however, the cash was in his hand and the bike was in my truck. I got it home and quickly began to realize what a basket case the whole thing was. The rear axel was bent along with the swing arm drop outs and wheel bearings were shot as well. When I removed the air box from the carb a soupy mixture of blue and black liquid poured out, also the fuel banjo had been JB welded to the body of the carb. The trans cover was missing the top plug and oozed a strange mystery liquid. The starter plate was completely decimated when i got into it but other than that the bottom end was all solid. After removing the top end I saw that the rings were shot after 3800+ original miles and blowback was clearly visible on the piston. Anyway... it was all a hot mess. Fresh starter plate gaskets sealed bearing conversion on the rear bent drop outs fixed new rings con rod needle bearing 15.15 SHA new cables MK3 pipe Shinko tires New electrics all around low rise bars home made seat to replace the haggard original one Thanks to the dudes in my squad and the guys at Shred Shed East for your spare parts and guidance.





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