Ron Burgundy

by weldwizard
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This classy burgundy colored dream smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books. Originally the Sumos, this ped got smashed up along with my leg and is now fully rebuilt. Lazer Copper powdercoat on tank and wheels, satin black powdercoat on everything else. Tons of custom work - Hand made aluminum battery tray that hides the battery under the tank. Completely rewired with full working lights including LED turn signals and aftermarket tail light. All wiring hidden for a clean look. Suzuki K10 forks with swapped head tube to match the frame. Chopped rear fender. Hand made TIG welded stainless steel intake. Chopped and welded chrome air horn made into a velocity stack. Real copper accent pieces including copper headlight bucket, copper oil pump delete plate, copper fuel line, and hand formed copper tubes that route the wiring from the front of the bike down the frame. Other stuff - DMP 70cc Kit, Graham Motzing 70cc head, Mikuni VM 20, Malossi reeds, Tecnigas Next exhaust, Treats ZA50 CDI, 28x20 gearing, Pirelli ML75 2.5" tires, Trail Tech Vapor, Robot swingarm, M bars, treats mini pedals, etc. Won the award for Best Moped at the 2013 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow in Minneapolis, MN.


1998 Tomos Targa LX




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weldwizard: Ben, the headlight is of unknown origin from a junkyard. Real chrome plated parts have a thin copper coating between the base metal and the chrome. I spotted this old headlight and the chrome was flaking off, exposing the copper. I managed to carefully remove the rest of the chrome coating and polish up the copper. Very, very happy with that find and idea!

Ben Roten: Hey! What are those headlights and where did you get them!? Thanks

CornPed: Super rad build! Jake did so much custom work on this! It has awesome copper tubing for the wire tuck and copper fuel line. Gotta see it to believe it!