Return of the Shredder

by Wesley Kim
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True ground up build, I don't put parts on bikes and call it custom, you can have that. This bike has been hit by drunks and crashed, broken in half...twice, actually anything that can break...has broken. It has been repaired, lightened, strengthened, modified, and loved over and over again to where it is currently. After returning from the inaugural Pinball Run, I set out to replace the previous Derbi Piston Port/Puch Gilla hybrid setup. The previous motor made truly savage power figures, but had some issues in the reliability and parts availability department, so I did what was logical and began looking for a "crate motor". The choice was narrowed down to the Derbi REVO KS and the EW50 KS, and in the end I just couldn't find a REVO that was NOS and at the right price point, so the mysterious EW50 was chosen as the new heart. So I once again chopped the frame apart, and began to try to learn the EW50 with limited information and weak aftermarket support. This motor can make some ridiculous power and rpms(I have recorded over 11,000 RPM), but to get there has been rather tricky....keyless cam ignition, reading french all the dang time, and no real reference to modifying them. So I kept it primarily stock except the pipe, cylinder, and I modified the head and vario weights....that's it. There are so many secrets to this motor, and yes it is fast or something like that. The rolling chassis has been further developed to pair the new power plant: I changed the stance of the bike from a 15" x 18" wheel ratio, to the current 16" x 19", swapped the original Indian swingarm(snapped in half) out for a higher quality/stronger/slightly longer Honda MB5 swingarm, the steering stem has been fully reinforced with sleeves and gussets, and the suspension and brakes have been upgraded as well,


1974 Indian MX-74




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Larry Degel: Hey Wes, I've got one of these motors, and I'ld like to discuss it with you. Drop me a line.

Dan Kastner: Great job Wes! I was lurking on this build waiting for the pics to show up.