Reed Block Concord

by Andrew Scouten
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Ok, this bike has seen a few iterations, all of which I was using the MLM Reed block adapter, which by the way is a fantastic product. Anyhow I ran it on a 50cc Bella top end, which ran well but didnt really have any gains over straight PP, next I used it on a 60cc Bella cylinder, but the cylinder was rough and I was annoyed so I swapped a normal V1 motor on. AS the bike sits now it has a Polini with out any porting to the cylinder or piston for the reeds, when I was running the other cylinders I found such a negligible difference between cutting a 3rd transfer/boost port on piston into the kit that I decided to just leave the Polini alone. now this thing runs at about 48mph all day with fantastic response all around, and it stays very cool. Its geared at 10x36 and is the fasted v1 with a sha that I've ever built, I'll probably swap to a larger carb in the future but for now Im very impressed wth the MLM reed adapter. UPDATE: I recently rebuilt this motor, fresh bearings/seals, I also added a 23mm Polini CP carb, yes the ID of the intake is like 22-21mm, but whatever the carb was nearly free. It has all the smooth throttle response of the sha with a bit more power up top, easily pulling into the low 50's.






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