Red Malossi AV10

by Andrew Scouten
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Ive had this bike for a long time, the engine was once Built by Jeremy Husk, then tuned by myself. In those days it was set up to go really, realllllly fast in a straight line, with a W port 50cc Polini cylinder, perfect squish, a launch lever and some 110 race fuel this thing could crack 60, however riding it around town was no fun, it didnt make much power till it got well over 10k, so cruising around town wasnt much of an option. So it was time for a rebuild With some fresh seals the bottom end was good to go, I swapped the top end out for a 70cc Malossi, and the head for a 47mm D-compless Parma, despite the kit being 45.5mm and the head being 47mm it seals up well. For my first few tunes I tried to run a Ninja Warm Up pipe, make no mistake that pipe is fucking rad! But it was clearly designed to be ran on a late model MBK with a Pulley and pegs, when it variated it would hit the pedal shaft, so I swapped on the Leo Vinci pipe, truthfully I had not liked this pipe on previous set ups, it hung low, and didnt have the greatest powerband. But Im running a gas shock on this particular set up, so I could position the motor to get the pipe enough clearance, also this pipe hits perfect on the Malossi, the bottom and mids are great, but it stops dead in the high rpm range, it cant rev above 10k, which for this bike is fine. Next I tuned up that ER3, man this bike keeps that front end light, its for sure my best off the line Moby, that in combination with a solid tune on the Polini 4-petal intake, paired with a 21mm Polini CP carb, this bike is exactly what I wanted, power from the throttle in all positions topping out at a respectable 48mph, no need for a launch lever, just rip






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