Red LC Peugeot 103

by Andrew Scouten
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Is your Peugeot 103 TO HOT!? Ya? Well all of my 70cc air cooled 103's are, so I found a solution, the MlM liquid cooled heads, ya they arent for Peugeot's, yes Treats says if you drill them out you will bust through 99.9% of the time, wellllllll guess what I did with the Hobbit version, the hole is like 7.0001mm, I went to 7.25mm, then 7.5mm, then 8mm. Not wanting to push my luck I stopped there, I did use longer m8 studs, regular studs will not be long enough. So now I can properly jet this beast, I was running a 98 with a TSM head previously, and it was still hot as fuck, as well as boggy due to the high jetting, I tried changing my timing to something less aggressive, 1.1mm to 1.4mm btdc, still hot, switched to this head and solved that problem. Next up, rippy Peugeot's will constantly slip there timing , this bike was no exception, sooooo in comes a China nut, the thread pitch is 10mmx1, a very hard to find nut in coupling form, this thing saved the day, it is small enough to fit inside the Le Partie, and even tighten it! hopefully it plus a boat load of locktight will keep this damn thing in place. Whats the set up? Well its some aftermarket 3-transfer cases with 2-petal Athena reeds, 70cc Athena cylinder from DOS, MlM Hobbit head 46mm, Malossi intake, 19PHBG, Doppler pipe, modified stock vario (2 star washers/3 balls removed/cut starter shoes/m6 nuts for weights), Le Partie timed to 1.4mm BTDC with the provided box, ahhhhhhhhhhhh I think thats it? Im still tuning but am so far pretty happy with this bike, first off 70cc's is just the way to go on Peugeot's, this ain't a Moby, the 50 kits just kinda suck, with the shorter stroke you need those extra cc's, and the Athena kit has them in spades, with huge transfers, and surprising quality in the casting. Doppler always makes good stuff so the pipe is what you'd expect, I bought it with the intention of running a LC 50 Doppler, so I figured it would pair well but it works nicely on the Athena as well. ANNNNNDDDD TUNED I took this out for a 20 mile ride, kept it at about 30-35mph for the majority of the ride, I had ZERO issues with temps, or timing slipping, honestly my jetting could be a little on the conservative side as I was hanging in the mid to high 250's on my head temp sensor. My lows and mids are really rippy with the Doppler spring and vario set up, I LOVE stock 103 vario's, just roll on that throttle and go. at the end of the ride we had a good WOT stretch, I didnt have my GPS on but was easily pulling away from my 50mph Maxi that a friend was riding, my temps peaked around 266, then dropped down to 220 at idle in front of the shop while waiting on the door to open. Overall I am extremely pleased with this set up, and really blown away by the quality of the MlM head, particularly at its price point of 110$. 11/10 would brap again






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