Razor Blade

by Brent Bublitz
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Built from spare parts and some scavenged pieces. Tail light made from an old boat marker. I have swapped the headlight out for a custom unit made from some Moby AV7 cases. UPDATE 7-2019 - scaling back the number of bikes, so I dropped all my best gear on this one. EBR forks, HPI mini rotor ignition, so on. First two pictures are the current build. UPDATE 9-8-2014 - Pulled off the custom pipe and installed a peugeot SPX alsil instead. Managed to mount it and keep my pedal clearance, although I do have the left pedal extended an inch or two already. I pulled out the restrict from the header on the pipe and drilled a bunch of small holes in the end of the baffle. Seems to make a significant power difference and is much quieter. I have to GPS it, but when it gets moving it feels as fast as my Puch. I have also went down from the 15.15 to a 14.12. It seems to have helped my bottom end power a good bit. Still overheating after 15-20 minutes, but I may have a bad case seal on the ignition side. I hear a high pitched whining or whistle after it heats up. Also, new development, I have a small gas leak from one of the engine mount welds, left side. It's just a little tack weld that is weeping. Might have to braze it, or I'll just get some fiberglass tank patch and slap it on there.


1978 Columbia Commuter




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Dan Kastner: Brent, you can add new products in this version of Garage. If you want to add the Airsal kit.