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Picked it up from a yard sale. Not running. It had a ZA50 on it that turned out to have the flywheel crank shaft threads all stripped out. So once I had taken off the flywheel it wouldn't go back on. I was going to try and rethread it but I already had an e50 coming in the mail. * Swapped za50 for e50 * New Puch Jammy Pipe * New clutch cable * New rear brake cable * New petcock * New tranny fill bolt * swapped clutch case flat head screws for new allen screws. * The stator in the ZA50 was a 6-wire, the one in the e50 was a 5-wire so I had to mess with the wiring a bit. Got rid of the terminal block and just put in plugs instead. * Will require new tires when I get around to it. * Have a 1977 superclutch coming in the mail. Once I've got it running and driven it around(haven't done so yet!) I'll make the swap. * I have burnt myself out on hunting air leaks from my other Puch - I have RVT'd the base, head, intake and exhaust. Sure it looks armature, but if it doesn't leak - I don't care! Not sure what my intentions are with this guy either. The e50 had come with a 70cc kstar kit on it - but I swapped it out for a some-what new 50cc airsal kit I had tried out before on my other Puch. If it rips as is, I'll leave it alone. I've named it Putch! because I was showing a friend and his father in-law it, the FIL is from Mexico and said they pronounced it "putch" and he used to see them all over the place. * 6/20/16 *Seems to like a 77 jet the best at the moment - it's not peppy off the line but have managed to get it to 35mph. I've got a small airleak at the head, running around 335 degrees at WOT. Am going to try to fix the head leak, advance liming a bit. Maybe after that I'll swap the clutch for the 1977 super clutch. * 6/27/16 * Upon further inspection, the rear tire was fine, leaving only the front tire to replace. Done and done. *Haven't messed more with the jetting or timing yet. I did take off the head, cleaned up the joint connections, added a head gasket and applied RVT. I think that solved my air leak. I'm running pretty cool temps but I didn't have any carb cleaner left and didn't want to spray it with brake cleaner. I'll check it with my leak down tester next time I have a chance - or I'll lazily just buy some carb cleaner again. *New rear brake cable isn't gripping enough. Need to mess with it and figure out why. * Something is amiss with my wiring, or brake switches. Running light works, brake lights don't. It's not the bulb, and all the wiring looks legit. Need further time to hunt this problem down. * Stock seat is uncomfortable. Have moby seat I want to replace with it(seen in picture, upsidedown) but I need to figure out a brace or make a new trunk. * It had a 12mm Bing when I picked it up, I swapped it for a spare 14mm bing I already had. However, I couldn't get it to start until I swapped that 14 bing for the 14 on my Newport that was confirmed working and will need to put back. So I've got to rebuild the carb piece by piece as I'm not sure 100% what the problem is, as I've cleaned it thoroughly but still no dice. I suspect perhaps my needle is bent as I have a hard time aligning it with the hole when putting the top plate on. * Still getting up to 35mph, but not quite as easily as before and perhaps a little slower off the line. Making me suspect that after I fixed the air leak, the 77 jet is too rich(if it wasn't already) * I'm actually pretty pleased with the Jammy pipe, it sounds great and looks pretty good. However, if my slow starts can't be improved with some clutch tuning, I'll probably have to swap it for a techno. I'm perfectly fine with a top speed of 35, but I'll need to get there quicker if it's going to ride with any traffic. Not bad for a $54 pipe. Currently running: Bing 14mm w/ #24 throttle slide, 1 Ring Needle (4 slots), 2.17 atomizer, 77 Jet - and I'm thinking it needs to be more like 70 according to what I've been told - but maybe that's only if I switch to the 2.22 atomizer. * 7/11/16 * I lowered down to a 75 jet and did a pretty long run on it. Overall, it ran pretty good, low to mid 30's, a bit too sluggish when trying to go up hill from a dead stop. Highest temp reached was 385. * Tried to install the super clutch over my lunch break - unfortunately it wasn't a simple swap out. Putting the cover back on pulling the clutch cable did work as far as engaging the clutch - but it would not disengage. I ran out of time to diagnose further and while putting everything away I found a cir clip that goes over the top side shaft spacer - D'oh! I'm hoping that is a cause of the issue. * I'm wondering if I should install the super clutch after all, or install a different 3-shoe clutch with blues springs that I have as well. The clutch that came with the engine was a 3 shoe and it looked like it had aftermarket shoes with uneven wearing...So it might be easier to swap the 3-shoes and maybe keep the super clutch for my other Puch. * So the seat post on the Le Moped seat I want to use, is too small to just exchange for the stock seat - I'll have to figure out a spacer and still have figure out a brace - in the mean time I've been riding on it anyway - it's not noticeable that it doesn't fit, and I don't believe I'm putting any stress on the post with how it's sitting on the rack in the rear. It is ridiculously comfortable!! * 7/12/16 * I forgot to mention that I ended up swapping out a 6 wire stator for the 5 wire that was giving me issues with my brake lights. I'm not super happy with my wiring connections, some are the Male/Female tab looking slots, most are bullets connections tho - I'd like them all to be bullets. * Swapped the 3 shoes, went for a run, everything was pretty decent expect for the fact that when I got back apparently I had be running with my clutch semi-engaging - whoops. * Once I have the clutch running, all I'll have to do fix the seat issue and I'll be done for now. I do want to lower the handle bars - but not going to concern myself with that just yet.


1979 Puch Maxi Luxe




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