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6/23/18 Painted the seat / tail with a burnt orange metal flake, mounted the LED tail light and re-mounted the headlight. made a new bracket for the stock horn and bolted it just under the headlight. thinking ill find a gas tank at my local café bike shop, hes got tons of parts to look thru. getting closer to being a legal ride. sort of. continued with the paint on a custom fender, cut this from something I had around and sprayed it the same as the seat. 6/22/18 Made a chain guard and started the seat / tail section. still making my mind up on a tank and what color ill paint it all. coming together nice 6/18/18 fabricating the seat / tail out of steel. working on a gas tank and tuning the 19mm carb. post progress soon. I is a magnum, the engine mount is very similar to a pinto but I saw the tank and seat and sub frame that was cut off this. a friend of mine mated the puch magnum seat and tank from this along with the frame parts he cut to a Yamaha it200 café project and tossed the rest of the moped, that's how I got it. the motor totally rips now but im holding off any hard long pulls till I can break it in better. may need some clutch mods, but nit sure what, new to mopeds 6/16/18 New 19mm treats manifold, 19mm del clone 90 main jet, custom rolled cone expansion chamber with side bleed and a baffle. this totally rips now but still getting the jetting right with the needle adjustments . waiting on steel for the seat and tank but it rides nice as is with a plastic bottle for gas. if anyone wants the pipe dimensions just message me here. I have built pipes for years on bigger bikes. 6/4/18 installed the tddc 70cc kit. no issues, low comp head gives 125psi, fabbed custom rear engine mount to hold and hide the coil and wiring, new key switch on the frame that will switch all on together, no handlebar switches, new LED headlight and tail light will come on with the motor why is it so hard to get the edits here to save ?? had to re do this three times 5/29/18 picked this back up, getting a tccd 70cc kit and going to finish it. already been riding it as is for testing , realized the compression is too low, hence new big bore kit. ill remake a real tuned expansion chamber to match the porting. and update.. 7/10/17 im getting closer.. finished the welding of the frame and panted it. rebuilt and painted the forks and triple clamp. wire brushed the front wheel and painted it gold kind of like the original color it was. looks ok. set all the engine parts aside, ill get to cleaning that nice and painting the cylinder black and keep the cases silver. have new tired and tubes on the way. ill strap a bottle of gas to it and ride it as a bare frame as soon as I can put the engine back in. not bas so far for basically scrap metal. the tires will be the most I have into it $$ wise. 7/4/17 got around to some more work on it. finished the pipe welds and bracket, all mounted up. wired up the coil and cleaned the carb. got it running to see the sound of the pipe and make sure its worth the time to put into the body. used a small rope wrapped around the stator to "pull " start it. also finished the main frame parts tacked in place . just need the shock mounts to be added. oh it sounds great like an open tuned pipe but with the edge taken off by the hidden baffle. just what I was after. im going to get tires and a chain and rig a temp gas source and ride as is once I finish the frame welds, just for fun and to get a feel for the bike. 6/25/17 well I changed my mind on the expansion chamber. I used the rolled cones method of making it instead, and there is a catch, its actually not a tuned chamber. I wanted it to be quiet enough for street riding so I decided to hide a baffle / muffler inside the belly and make it just look like a tuned pipe. I know I could make it loud and boost the power a little but the stealth muffler seemed cooler. I still need to get the sheet metal to start forming the body / tank but I will update as I go. 6/12/17 This Puch Magnum ( I think ) was rescued from a pile of scrap. missing all the bodywork, pedals and the frame had the top cut off, it took me a while to find the inspiration to do something with this stuff, the motor is good and so are the wheels, so I decided to build a new custom frame top and a one piece body seat-tank. like the old flat track racer bodies. you can see I tried a couple of mock ups at first, but ill be making the tank/seat like the last image I think. it will just have pegs and be bump start only, ill fab a hydroformed expansion chamber and make it a minimalist bike, no keys or switches . ill post as I go, thoughts


1980 Puch Magnum II




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Eames: The original frame was a pinto or something similar (not magnum or freespirit). You can tell cause of the swiss cheese engine mount.