Puch Maxi 2V

by Jan Sander Huiting
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Bought this bike in 2012 in a dreadfull state. I re-furbished it to make look like a proper Puch Maxi again, but was never really satisfied with it. So i made some big changes in the tank and seating departments. The engine was also swapped, going from a boring E50 to something a little bit more like a proper engine. A Z50 was bought in parts and needed some care, which was given, and presto! A great functional engine with most of the gears you'll ever need! So after the engine i bought a FS1 tank to sit on my Puch, made a frame for the home made fiberglass seat and upholsterd it, and today i finally completed the engine with the Sebring M3 exhaust. And that's about it, the pictures speak for themselves. Was lots of fun building it, now lets hope it'll be just as much fun riding it!






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Ingo Bousa: "The standard Puch one is used for 2 stroke oil, in case i forget to take a canister with me." #GENIUS

Jan Sander Huiting: Thanks! And yeah, nothing wrong with a sheet metal frame in combination with a top tank, just look at the CB and SS50! However, next project will be a tube frame. Gives you lots more freedom in part choices. Carburators for example.

John Asselin: I love that you used a maxi frame. There is something really nice about pressed steal frames. A+ on keeping the maxi side covers as well. It also has one of the better fender chops that I have seen. Great build!

Tyler Brekke: Wow, I did not even notice that was a Maxi at first. Nice job.

Matthew Schmitz: Ditto on the seat build! Very clever idea, I will have to remember it in the future.

Jan Sander Huiting: Thanks! Yeah it was the most afordable, and easiest to shape material i could think off. Worked like a charm too

: This is awesome. Great work. I like the foam seat idea.

Jan Sander Huiting: Both tanks are fully functional. The standard Puch one is used for 2 stroke oil, in case i forget to take a canister with me.

Derek Stahl: Do both tanks work? Best top tank maxi to date.