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Drove up to Montana to buy this from a guy who drove out from North Dakota to sell it to me. I haven't done anything to it yet other than get it running poorly. It needs its throttle fixed among other things. The seat has to go and it needs wiring up. Current pictures are from his B/S thread. Probably won't get to really working on it until the wife's Honda is up and running. His description of the bike was(and currently still is) as follows: "welded a freespirit bottom half onto the frame. Puch wheels, new tires, new treats crank, rebuilt bottom end, airsal 50cc Kit with mlm spacer, hack and weld Vespa tecno pipe, hard wired. Clean tank." 7/7/17 Been Making changes over the past couple weeks after not touching it for like a year. Will need to take and upload new pictures. * Swapped out the handle bars, rear shocks, new headlight, new controls, rewiring - * Have a seat for it to swap out but I need to fab a new mount for it to work. * Having fuel issues, won't reliably come out of the petcock, yet also seems to be some kind of vacuum/vent locking going on. Have new petcock en-route. * Headlight and running light are non-functional at the moment but the brake lights are working. * Needs new fork seals and oil * Needs rear fender cut/removed. 7/11/17 * Installed new petcock and further cleaned out the carb - no change, the air just cant vent out even with the gas cap off. I have a 15.15 SHA to swap out and try to see if that changes things. * Have new seals and oil for the forks but haven't done the swap just yet. 8/2/17 * Replaced Fork seals and oil - maybe about 6 oz of oil per fork. Its hard to say bc I made such a mess and I didn't fill them until it was all reassembled on the frame from up top and so adding too much oil too quickly bottled necked. I think I'll add more later to make it a bit stiffer. * By rotating the petcock to be offset 45 degrees at about 10 o'clock instead of pointing straight up at 12 o'clock I am no longer having air-locking/vent issues. * Added new sparkplug boot with window for view able spark. * Been ripping around finally - It can't handle having a filter on it so current jetting seems to run best @ 76 but I'm pretty sure I have an air-leak so we'll see what happens if I can chase it down. Temps are really good, rode FOT for a decent stretch of road and topped out at around 390ish. * Low-end on an incline is terrible - has no problem ripping up hills if already going at speed tho. Once I chase down the air-leak I'm going to swap the clutch with a jammer. * Issue with running/brake lights was a burnt out bulb, but I don't think I want to fart around with having a dual filament bulb. I've ordered a new taillight with a bracket I can hang off the seat post as I need to cut the fender back. * Issue with the headlight is just a bad connection I think. I could get the bulb to light up if I held the wire directly to the bulb with a ground but for whatever reason, I can't make it work in the housing and ran out of time to mess with it further. 8/8/17 * Installed new taillight( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZYH293K/ ) had to flip it upside down and bend the tab straight to avoid the rear tire hitting it. Have some red LED bolt lights( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ADHUWWA ) to install on the ends of the license plate mounts as additional brake lights. I ordered 11mm lights but maybe I should have got 6mm so I wouldn't have to drill out the tabs to mount. * Headlight issues almost solved. Seems like a crappy mount - might just have to solder some connections up. * Air leaks confirmed just not really sure where from yet. I've sprayed down the connections with carb cleaner but nothing seems to identify as a leak from that. Probably the idle is already too high to really notice. Won't break down the kit until all my electrical issues are fixed. * Really, really happy with the BOLT lights from initial inspection and testing. Will order some more, maybe UV lights, to install under the seat. 8/9/17 * Got the taillight mounting holes drilled out, needed to open the holes up so both bolts would align. * Also drilled out the slots of the end of the plate mount for the bolt LEDS. The biggest drill bit I had was 3/8 and it was a tiny bit too small and had to widen it out even further which wasn't that bad but made my holes ugly, thankfully the LED head hides that. * Used heat shrink-wrap on the LED wires, ran them separately and then put them into the same wrap when they met up. Tied the two ground wires together and soldered them onto a ground ring and put that on the same bolt head the taillight ground is on. Tied the power wires together and just wrapped them onto the bullet connector for the taillight brake lights. * Haven't tested them yet as it was too late at night to fire up the engine - but I expect everything to work right. * Probably going to solder a wire directly to the bulb, but with a connector, it's just a really shitty bulb mount inside the light and I can't get a solid connection. 8/10/17 * Got the headlight working, just need to adjust my ground connection as the two bullet connectors are different sizes. * The tailight and LED breaklights work wonderfully. Assuming they don't burn out due to the AC current Id rate them all 5/5 stars. I wish I could route the wiring a bit cleaner but it's not the end of the world. * Rear view mirror installed. Really helpful and I don't think it detracts at all. * Gasket set ordered from treats, new brake switch to replace the broken front. * MLM headlight grille and a VISOR to see if I like them more than the current one. * hitcase for my phone and mount ordered as well so I can use a GPS app as a speedometer. * Once the gaskets are replaced and it's jetted properly - it'll be ready for the jammer clutch which should help with my bottom end. * GPS'd at a max speed of 35.5, probably on a slight downward hill. Assuming cruising speed of 30. 8/14/17 * Was going to take the whole top end off for a new round of gaskets but after taking just the head I know where the airleak was. Seems the decomp hole wasn't sealed and the head was mounted with the decomp hole cover off so the side. I cleaned it thoroughly and slapped it back on. Didn't have time to really ride it or check if the air leak was gone tho - later this week! * Brake switch replaced and all is well with that. * Slapped on a domed air filter as well - I'd have gone with a stock filter but I couldn't get any jet to run with it.


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