Prayer & Meditation *swoops 2014 raffle camino

by WillD
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This was a 3 day build alongside another camino - to be uploaded soon. It was raffled off at the Swoops Savannah rally 2014 (a weekend of prayer and meditation) The bike is OG Euro spec honda camino, kindly donated (as a pile of parts) by our boy Swoop Freddie, who'd had it brought over from across the pond. The camino features the hot eurostyle headlight, 6 roller variator, and a interchangeable rear pulley contraspring This one I rebuilt with fresh FAG bearings set on a shining alu-stuffed 77 crank, and installed on the stock cylinder. Exhaust duration was raised to a healthy 175 degrees and the stock main jet bored to roughly 90 equivalent. THE PIPE! it's a super weirdo Malossi honda circuit pipe that seems to have never made it's way stateside. It's got "Malossi" clearly stamped on it and looks identical to the Vespa "28mm" malossi circuit pipe, but with honda mounts. The variator's swapped for a US-style notched 3 roller because they've got a bigger ramp than the euro 6's. Notching took this buddy from a top speed of 34 to a gps'd 43. JUST FROM NOTCHING THE VARIATOR! pretty sweet. Pretty neat lil guy, I'm gonna miss the few weeks we spent together but happy to see it find a great new home in Richmond!


1986 Honda Camino




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Cory Wheeler: Holy fuckn headlight!