Pigpen (M1 Sebring)

by Bradley Hale
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Pigpen is my ratty race bike project. it's being built specifically to stomp nuts at the thunderdrome. the pic is shortly after i got it, it was pile of parts when i got it. and it still is, scattered and tucked away throughout my shop. i'm working on it little by little, since i'm so busy with other people's bikes and currently lack the funds to finish it. here's what i've done already; *paint tank army green (still very ratty & crusty tho, i only prepped it with a razor scraper) hopefully i can find someone skilled enough to do a pigpen stencil on the side. *cut all mounting tabs for original fairings and panels off and shorten seat mount *cut original seat pan basically in half, made stained wood panel that threads into original trunk mount for taillight and tag, seat will be covered in tan weatherproof vinyl. * fab clip ons from original headlight brackets still much to do- engine rebuild, swap to wider axles for the tomos grimeca 5 stars i acquired for it, replace the fork tubes with EBR hydros (24.5") the pipe is a leo vinci circuit i got from chad burke, it's so rare, he himself had never seen one before. every piece of paper that came with it is in italian, but i believe it is called the "Shaft": it was originally meant for vespa, but did not fit my grande. so i'll be welding a header to it for this bike once i have it to the point of a rolling frame. i'll be running the M1 Gilardoni 60cc cylinder with a milled stock head, rebuilt crank, 14.12 SHA, white pietcard, and whatever clutch springs i find that will fit it. stock gearing was 13x34, i'm going to try 13x22 using the original tomos gear on my wheel and see how it does, i also have a 28T i took off of a stock A55, so i have options, if anything one will be a race gear, and the other a rally gear. hopefully the spare funds will trickle in in due time over the winter, i'm so excited to finish this bike. this will be the last of my 4 personal bikes, then i can just build and sell and be content with my babies. at least until i find another bike to obsess over.





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