Peugeot TSA Cafe Racer

by Ray Kastner
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Usually I prefer to restore to original condition only as the bike value is way higher just in case you want to sell it. Normal people just can´t evaluate or appreciate what you put into a moped. But the appearance of an original TSA always seemed a bit boring to me. So I´ll build this one a bit more 60´s retro-style, i.e. to use pastel - blue (baby-blue) and creamy white and silver as main colours. Frame, new Malossi swingarm, M-handlebar are powdered in titanium-silver. Front fork is a hydraulic EBR with a 4-piston Brembo-caliper. Instead of the spoke wheels I put in Bernardi rims with a 220mm-wave-disc on the front. I´ve put on a baby Duc Imola fibreglass seat. I decided to put in that splendid Malossi engine that I have on stock since ages - a 70cc liquid- cooled engine with MHR case, fully ported on a Malossi 70cc MHR-cylinder, Doppler ER3-clutch and ER3-crankshaft with C4 - Celeron - Kugelfischer - bearings. The exhaust is a Polini Sport which is designed for 70cc. Carb will be a Polini CP 21 Evolution. So that 12 hp (DIN) at 11.000 rpm setup should be good for around 115 km/h.but still a lot of work left..budget is already way over the top and still the paint job is waiting..gotta wait until end of the year. Gotta sell something to keep going... Update: As I needed a radiator I chose and ordererd a bended Polini GP1 cooler and a Bosch 12V-waterpump to cool the engine. Now I gotta fix the parts to the frame which will keep me busy for some time. All three fittings on cooler, cylinder head and water pump have different outer diameters. Means a lot more bucks to put in. What the heck..I´ll definitely reach or pass the 6K €.. Then I ´ll add a NiMH-12V-accu-pack to keep the pump running after stopping the engine. All the electronic setup will be done by a friend´s son who´s doing great in electrical engineering. So liquid cooling might mean more performance but it´ll make your restoration process kind of slow.. Fuel tank and rear fender have been powder coated. Changed the 2.75 front to a 2.15 Sava White Wall as there was contact with the front fender. The Polini radiator is fixed. I polished the sides and it fits perfectly. Looks like stock.. the hoses will be made to order soon. Paintjob is to be done - seat and four side panels in pastel blue with orange-metallic and cream white pin stripes and clear finish plus original TSA and Peugeot design stickers. Seat will upholstered in orange genuine leather. The Doppler spring underneath the motor needs some attention. Now waiting for a few other goodies, such as a MVT Digital Direct ignition, black anodised handle bars, the mighty 66 dents sprocket .. to be continued


1979 Peugeot TSA




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Riva's Customs: Very Nice!

Ray Kastner: We put it on wheels yesterday. It´s been a great afternoon.

Ray Kastner: We put it on wheels yesterday. It´s been a great afternoon.