Peugeot Fox Low-Rider Extreme

by Christian Mouchet
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Peugeot Fox Low-Rider Extreme (Custom-2004) Imagined by Christian Mouchet In September 1988, the newspaper Clac-Mob, Mob Chop same editor, published in Coverage one 103 pink low-rider of beauty! Nearly 20 years later, I still wonder. Hence my idea to remake an equivalent on the basis of ... Fox, the close cousin of 103, the same one used by pizza delivery! A kind of an engine 103 equipped with dual transmission shrouded Scooter Peugeot Rapido ST 50. 3 distinct forms: a frame which appears in V molded block, a block transmission while polished and stripped all chrome fork. Part-engine: Motor-Original except Variator Polini Speed​​-control roller Exhaust-103 with chrome Simonini Snake G1 adaptation of an elbow Fox Carter-polished transmission ... Chassis: -the largest modif: caster angle of the steering column tilted more forward (up from 75 to about 40 ° inclination). It provides all the fancy machine. Attention to driving: not ideal for racing odds, handlebars with a strong tend to tilt to the left or right at low speed. In addition, large turning radius therefore ill-suited to many small niches. Beauty at a price! -adaptation of a light lens from a Volvo 244GL creating a mini-saddle plate bespoke chewed-off tank crankcase plastic crafts: Fox rear and front SPX fork chopper L820mm z-bar handlebar smooth chrome 10cm -fork springs fork-stiffener -rectangular headlight with adaptive headlight lens blue -gradient tank decorations, type silkscreen sidestand-scale stainless steel L21, 5cm reg plate twisted Mob Chop ...





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