Peugeot 103 SPL Land 2

by Ray Kastner
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This is going to be my second and most probably my last Peugeot 103 SPL (Land). ALL green and black parts, frame, swingarm etc. have been powdercoated in military olive (RAL 6006) and black. Instead of the stock spoke rims I took old, rusty SP rims and had them sanded and coated. It took me a while to get the original fork and headlight parts, as they have become really rare, even on the french market. Apart from the rims, the look will be pretty much original, with a lower and wider handlebar, lockable swingarm and a few other goodies like 2 - seater-bar with camouflage seat cover and a very rare original baggage carrier for the 2-seater-version. The Swallow Roadstar tyres were pretty stylish in the 70s and still they look neat on that military style moped. As I build it for myself, all bearings, wiring, brakeshoes, whatsoever are new. I actually don´t like compromises when it comes to building a bike. and I hate when there are faulty pieces on it. So I never rush with a project, but take my time, to make it as neat as possible. I´ll put a french TLX - motor into the bike. It´s from the late 103SP series (1983) with polygonal cylinder and cylinder head. With almost 4 hp (DIN) it´s been quite powerful and make it easily climb to 65 km/h. The engine will be equipped with a MVT Millenium, Polini intake box, 15mm Polini CP15 and as for the exhaust, I´ll try a stock TSM exhaust.






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Harvey Knight: Put a Giannelli on it. Oh wait, they're out of Giannellis.