Peugeot 103 Gazelle Millenium

by Christian Mouchet
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It's true, I love the style Gazelle, since it is the 3rd model I go. Admittedly, this is a beautiful memories of wild times of the 80s, but it is also a nice foot nose fashionable current racing-ras-the-ground. Aesthetic level, I focused on a sleek, stream-line, maintaining its so typical angular edges at 103. Touch of chrome and black on a pink set. Part-engine: Polini cylinder cast iron air diam 46 6 transfers - Giraudo competit vario alu polished weights - Sha fuel Dell'Orto 15 - Malossi transparent tank - Winner Custom G1 pot chrome polished stainless steel cone with addition - Adaptation motorcycle chain tensioner XP6 - 11x56 transmission - Speed ​​70km / h (power loss due to the height and softness of dampers) Chassis: EBR fork chopper L820mm - Chrome fork stiffener - Z-bar handlebar smooth chrome 20 cm - Fenders wrap - Headlight lens SPX - Meter green circle 120 km / h - Flanges red - White side - Anchors staggered shocks 360mm forward - Tank chewed edge - Fender chopper ar shortcut - Taillight Piaggio Ciao PX 80 - Stand approximately 420mm long - With arch saddle chopper - Reg plate twisted MobChop





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terry dean: these are seriously my favorite builds in garage at the moment.