Parma*d Blue Blanco

by Andrew Scouten
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This has a V1 Parma on it, 48mm 76cc's, porting similar to a Polini, but with a larger intake. I used a 1mm Aluminum spacer to get the port timing right, you need to shave a hair off the piston, but it prevents the piston from smacking the head, allowing you to run whatever head you like. This also has an NOS performance clutch from Treats. I really tried to save the original forks as you can see in one of the pictures, I added tough springs like the Euro Vespa guys do, but this thing had to much torque so Tomo forks it is. Spring is just around the corner so maybe I'll have more to say about the kit by then but as of now, after cleaning the ports up a bit, I'm very impressed! UPDATE: The Parma SUCKS Sooo ya, ran this kit for a summer, its ok, got another Parma for a different project, what happened!? every Parma after that first run has been absolute trash, their quality control just went out the window, so if you happen across one? IDK man roll the dice I guess? So onto the current state of this bike! Which is great, rebuilt motor with new bearings/seals/gaskets, Polini kit, Fantic head, 103 fan set, DM Escape pipe (now BBQ black), MlM intake, VM20, Piecard w/2041 box, fresh cables, Yellow springs on a stock clutch. What is there to say? Its a Polini v1, solid performance where ya want it!






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