by Randall Lyon
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6-2: There's an air leak somewhere. I upped the jetting to mess around with it and found that it starts off a little rich, but then settles down after it warms up. At least one of us is rich. 5-27: I found a 33 tooth rear sprocket on Treats (the center was 2mm too big, but I think it should be fine) and stuck it on. I had to take a couple links out of the chain. I'm messing with the rear brakes so I haven't got to try it yet. Update: The top speed has gone from 26 to around 30-32. No real change to acceleration and it couldn't climb the hills I have before so the decrease in "torque" won't be noticed either. 5-12: I ordered some jets from Treats on a Tuesday to be safe (60, 62, 64) and had them on Saturday. Weird. The sweet spot appears to be at 60, although on warmer days, I may have to go back to 58. 5-5: And on the 81st day, God delivered my order. Got everything mounted up and it ran great! I think I will order a couple more jets as the 58 was the biggest I ordered and was the leanest it would run with. It still 4 strokes and smokes so I'm not super worried about seizing, but better safe than sorry. Next, I need to make a more permanent bracket for the exhaust and find a way to keep the kickstand from hitting it when it goes up. 4-27: It has been 74 days since I placed my order. Here are some other things that took 74 days: The Falklands War, Ken Jennings winning streak on Jeopardy, and the time it took the original IPhone to reach sales of 1 million! 4-20: Ordered parts from Ebay (from China and Wisconsin), Treats (California), and 1977Mopeds (Michigan) in mid-February. Guess which order I'm still waiting for...? Today will be the 67th day since I ordered from 1977Mopeds. 4-10: Still no order with jets and exhaust... Not much else to do except wait. 3-16: Still waiting on the jets and exhaust, so I decided to replace my throttle cable. I ended up grinding down the end on a bike cable to allow it to fit on the slide in the carb and it worked perfectly. I also swapped some of the pieces from my Dellorto 14.9 to the new 15.15 clone to replace plastic parts with metal. 2-27: The carb and intake came and the intake is about a quarter inch taller than the old one so new bolts will be needed. The carb also sits higher because of this, so I needed to remove the right side panel and make another (rather than cut up the one I had). I carved up some old drip edge scrap I had and it will work great. Bought this as a first moped knowing that it needed a new crank bearing. Did a complete teardown/rebuild with new bearings, gaskets, and seals. Also had to replace the brake light switches, brake light, a side cover, and some carb parts. Finally got everything cleaned, painted, and reassembled last fall and was able to ride it a few miles before winter hit. It was clear that I needed to upgrade some parts, as I was only able to get it up around 22 mph. This spring, I will be putting on a 15.15 carb and a Mamba exhaust.


1977 Italtelai Pacer




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Benjamin Piper: That bike is looking good man! :D

Randall Lyon: Just got off the phone with you, Dan.

Dan Kastner: Checking on this now for you Randall.

Ingo Bousa: hahaha.. right on. I had some right fucking shit with a 1977mopeds order as well. Totally useless. Bunch of dope-smoking hipsters. Get your act together!