PA50III by Trailtech by Trailtech by Payless Shoes

by Matthew Turner
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So I found this sitting by the dumpster one day and thought it was pretty cool - looks like something I rented on Daytona Spring Break in 1984 from the Scoot and Poot. After doing a little research on some site called the Moped Army, I discovered it was built by a guy name Matt "Babbitt" Turner over the course of two years in Atlanta. Apparently it's made of parts from a bunch of different mopeds, motorcycles and scooters or something. I like that the seat fits neatly on my bottom and it doesn't give me back problems or shingles when I blast cars at near 70. Fuck The Swoops and God bless The Swoops. Thanks to Bobby Costello, Fred Braue, Rob Wonder, Mark Tway, Kevin Thompson, Will Daloz, Nick Melton, Brooks Rayman, Jordan Mellville (for the stress testing), Dan Kastner, Adam Perling, Billy Jefferson and anyone else who put up with my OCD...


2013 Honda Camino




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Team Dirtped: Team Dirtped approves of this build. Kudos and other salubrious blessings be upon you

Micah Sonntag: Incredible work! amazing build.

justin tolentino: dope! keep building.

Team Dirtped: All the fucks were given! Amazeballs!!!

Matthew Turner: Charlie - Awww, so sweet! Rod - I had them cut by one of the Swoops...I could send you the files if you need 'em. There's some crazy backwards transmission shit I'm having to work out, but it'll be back blasting this week!!

kevin filkoski: W/ all due respect, YOU'RE A NUT!! Wicked awesome work!

Rod Roodenburg: Gorgeous. Lots of thoughtful detailing, right down to the Honda wings without the logotype below it. I'm almost done my PA50 restoration - love to know where you got the decals, or were they airbrushed onto the tank?

Charlie Maynard: This bike is fucking stupid. Where are the pedals?? And it broke??? Pfft... (that's how I say I love you)

Matthew Turner: Easy fix...such is the nature of custom shit. Anyway, gonna go ahead and upgrade the cylinder while I'm in there. Round two. Go!

Joseph Hannan: Sumter broke it. Sorry bro.

David Tillery: Really nice

Jason Thompson: Build of the century

Matthew Turner: Thanks dudes! I think I have the bugs worked out, but we'll see how Sumter treats it...

WillD: don't forget the build thread link, lotsa sweet detail on the ENORMOUS shiutload of custom work on that bad boi,3329047,3329520

Aaron Fogg: One day this will be a barn find and some lucky bastard will have no idea where to start to get it running again. Possibly the best build ever since mopeds.

Marc B: The lines on this bike are incredible!

Delmer Buddy Totten: Holy crap!! Amazing work!!

clinton saldana: trail tech by trail tech sponsored by things remembered and v8