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The Honda Hobbit Pa50FUN pays some tribute the the early Hobbits that wore the red and white colors. Fully rebuilt and powder coated with a silver sparkle clear over Harbor Freight White and Red. the Rims and Swing arm are powdered in Matte Gray with Clear vision and a top coat, all done at the Ghost Riders shop by yours truly. The Build is a replica of my first built Hobbit that had eventually evolved into Icarus . Based on the original build that hit 60 reliably and a bit more on occasion. specs: Case matched to a mildly ported and heavily polished 47.6 mm Athena Kit. turned and polished 47.6mm head. Weakends pipe. Dellorto 21 Race carb mounted to a MLM intake modified for correct clearance with 320mm version 2 shocks, boxed sub frame. Boyesen Dual stage reeds, Domino Controls. Treats large headlight brackets cut down to carry a bullet head light with halogen conversion. Sava MC11 2.79 rear (2.96 actual) and a 2.25 front. Craig Hobbs custom solo seat and tail light mount. Not shown in the pics cause they are still on the bench I will update one they get mounted. Due an unfortunate accident that will have me unable to ride for the majority of 2015 I have sold this bike to my good friend and fellow GRGR Craig Hobbs. I know he will love riding it as much as I loved building it. This bike has a good home. short video of the first start. I was Pretty happy..even happier when the seat gets mounted.. ouch


1978 Honda PA50




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simon earley: No that belongs to another Ghost Rider, Steve Bailey. We built them at the same time.

Ludo Teska: Is this the one you've turned into the blue & black ? I'm from Belgium and also on the honda camino community forum.