Oude Gueuze

by Norberto Ovide
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Minty Moto Guzzi Robin that I paid 75 bucks for at an estate sale. Had something like 96 miles on it when I bought it. Cleaned the sludgy gas tank and carb and was ready to roll. Started adding performance parts with the Legendary Roburrito as my guru, Went from 15mph at the back of the pack to low 50's passing cars.. 65cc Polini kit, 19mm Phbg, Mamba Exhaust, Hpi ignition, AEM Digital o2 Sensor, giving you a real time reading of Air to Fuel mixture. Enabling us to fine tune the shiiiit out of it.. Far out. Oh, and GP1 Hutchinson's for that good good. Probably my favorite moped to ride. Obnoxiously loud and a ridiculous mid range makes it almost impossible to not want to build the revs at 1/4 throttle and just blast away. #handsomepedalmen #@attnboyz


1977 Moto Guzzi Robin




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miles carlson: Considering doing the 65cc on my pair of 77 robins. so you did, kit, new carb, new exhaust (is there a quieter one? would stock strangle it?) new ignition, intake and 02 sensor. is there anything critical I'm missing on the parts list?

Tony Pabon: I have a "78 robin, did they come with the g2 from factory? if so where can I get parts from? also for a spare to beef up for power 'n' speed. Btw nice bike!

Norberto Ovide: 19 mm Polini Minarelli

Ben Horn: What intake did you use?