One Eyed Jackalope

by johnny.k
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Originally dressed in black, this is a Moped rescue from Kansas City. Picked it up with rotten wiring and rough to not running. So far, cleaned and tuned the carb, tightened the wiring and repaired the little stuff. Zoom! 30 mph on trial runs. Found a BX-31 belt and 3 variator weights in the drive train. Jammy pipe and the all important seat cover on the way; tune-able clutch and VM18 carb in the near future, Hope to hit 40 mph without serious kitting. UPDATE 1. Got the Jammy on, cut the header back to about 8". Mehhh. Seat recovered. Awesome! UPDATE 2: Clocked on GPS at 38mph today. Replaced the Jamarcol with an Urban Express People's Pipe, traded the three stock 13g variator weights (39g total) for 3x3g and 3x6g weights (27g total), replaced the clutch with a generic GY6 clutch from Treats, replaced the shock with a 270mm Tao Tao shock (a little too tall) and shazam! Next step- Boysen reeds, 1.5k clutch springs and fine tuning the variator weights a bit to get some bottom end back. Right now, kicks in at 5mph, takes off at 8. UPDATE 3: Boyesen Reeds installed. 39.95 MPH on GPS today on flat to slightly downhill. Perfectamundo. UPDATE 4: 1500 rpm clutch springs. No more shaky takeoffs.






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