Neo Nostalgia

by Bill Hartman
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Started life as a bone stock 1977 Maxi Sport found at a yard sale in non-running condition. I was told had not been run in over 20 years, but it appeared to all be there. A few sprays of liquid wrench, and carb cleaner and it fired right up. Then I tore it all apart and replaced just about everything using lots of the parts I had laying around the garage. This was my first full build that wasn't just about returning to stock. After it was all said and done, it turned into a nod to the 1977 Black and Gold build that I always thought looked great.


1977 Puch Maxi Sport




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Bill Hartman: All done...well as all done as it can be for my first attempt at tuning a PHBG...that part may never truly be done. It runs down the road and turned out pretty nice for a first build...ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

Bill Hartman: It runs! Looks like it originally stopped running because there was a small leak in the base gasket. But then they tried to fix it by tightening the head bolt...which stripped the case side threads off the head stud. Then they put it in the garage with a bowl full of fuel to sit for 20 years. After new gaskets, Heli-Coil kit and a carb soak in Pine-Sol, it fired up with a quarter kick!