by Travis Noll
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Nandi is the bull steed of Shiva, the destroyer in Indian mythology. This is the new iteration of "The cow level". After I blew up my second athena kit from eating a reed, I realized I had built a race bike and was running it like a daily. High revving and high stall, etc. So i decided to take the cow level to the next level (no pun intended). Watercooled kit, Bosch pump. I have the lighting circuit of the mini rotor charging a lithium battery onboard, which drives all the secondary electronics( lights, pump etc.) Things done: - Watercooled Malossi Kit - Stuffy crank on C3's - HPI mini - TJT variator - Moped sized radiator - Electronic pump. - LiIon Battery for the pump - Custom front disk brake on my mag wheels **EDIT**6/9/2017 -Finally did Malossi gears when OG gearbox gasket went out


1978 Honda PA50 II




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roger suarez: Thanks Travis! I have a some what similar setup. Same H20 kit (no mods made to it), HPI, TJT, VM18 and weak-ends pipe. I bought an extra rear tranny to put gears in the near future. Thanks for the install info.

Travis Noll: Gear ratio went from 3.26 :1 to 2.6 : 1 (yes i counted) Bottom end ramps up slower, but mid and high pull hard. Went from comfortable 50-55 to 55-60 speeds. You'll notice it most on full variation, most likely. My build has high stall and basically just sits in the pipe, but if you're a bit more mild you might see gains all over. careful with the install though - You'll need a press. cant just slipfit it with heat/cold.

roger suarez: Please give some good details on the GEARS! I.e .....Before/After difference in take off, mid, and full variation, speed etc. Very elusive info out there of these gears