N is for Naked

by simon earley
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This bike was purchased from retired Grand Rapids Ghost Rider Gabe "The Hammer" Hammersmith for my son Sam when we first started down the moped road. This bike had been built up by Peter McDaniel (Indigan, Buddy hobbit, 1977 Photographer) and Devin Biek (MLM, Indigan, Janus Motorcycles). It has a stock Roller bearing crank and a early cast Polini kit with a new piston and rings . The original build used an Bing 15 (now a 19 PHBG) and a Techno Estoril (now a Proma GP Hobbs side bleed edition) This bike has had a few looks over the years from a cafe stance to a crazy chopper with 28 inch ape hangers and a banana seat with a wicked tall sissy bar built for a tribute ride ( road like shit and felt super sketchy). The current set up has it set up with EBR prototype forks and a Craig Hobbs inspired mono shock solo seat. a couple hours of fit and finish and this will back in service. The goal has been naked, clean, and intentional so as to maximize the essence of the N frame Maxi. This is one of dozens of bike we have powder coated at the GRGR shop in Grand Rapids Michigan. This bike uses Snap-on Royal Blue with Clear Vision top coat and the accents are Hammer tone Gray. All of those colors were donated to the GRGR by Chad Burke of Quarterkick mopeds of Kalamazoo who also provides sand blasting and powder coating. Ownership update- This bike has been sold Stephen Fiorenzo of the Grand Rapid Ghost Riders


1978 Puch Maxi N2




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