by Mike Poland
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1978 Honda Hobbit pa50 ii. First attempt at moped. got this bike for hanging a guys big screen TV. now has mikuini 24mm flatside carb and Vforce reed block with custom intake and chopped frame to make way for huge crab. just got everything striped and frame is ready for paint prep. the frame and all other metal parts are ready for paint. i spent the last 2 Tuesday nights sandblasting and sanding the piss out of all my parts. Special thanks to the painter Badger Bob Oregon Wi.


1978 Honda Hobbit




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Mike Poland: Had a great time at the Slimey Crud Run 2015

Mike Poland: Oh Yeah shits running!!!! great at idle and pretty good at 1/4 to 1/2 but still a bit rich so waiting for smaller main jet. maybe mess with needle height?

Mike Poland: lol.....,you know what you find out when totally rebuilding a bike? All the time i took to put parts in labeled bags and keeping all things together was bull shit...cuz the 32 year old bike i started with had so many cobble parts on it. so come to find out when putting it back together that half the hardware was the wrong hardware.

Mike Poland: paints done starting final assembly !

Mike Poland: Paint should be done Monday Powda Blue!!

Shane Rickert: This is awesome, I can't wait to see the final product.