Moby Rick*s Moby

by Andrew Scouten
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This bike belonged to the late grate Rick of MCR, he loved Mobys and eventually infected me with that love as well. So here we have one of his old bikes, the motor consists of some new cases, Airsal crank, 74cc Airsal (small exhaust port), Le Partie, Metrakit pipe, Polini reeds, 15/15 SHA (pictured with a vm18 but I stepped it down for better gas millage), clutchless Doppler ER3, Doppler ER86 (ya the crappy one again), fresh tires/tubes, some forks 77 used to market at Moby forks, they kinda work, stock is better but ya, and finally a 47mm dcomp Polini head. This bike is fun, like all the large kits, or as I refer to the, Anti-Moby Moby kits, because they are the polar opposite of what a Moby likes, big piston, low rev's, kinda. its torquey! Likes to lift that front wheel off the ground and pull hard to 45, where it promptly hits a wall, and thats ok, its fun, and it has the old school spring mod of a rubber hose with a bolt through it to delay variation, just like rick used to rock! I originally tried to save the Simo pipe from the second picture, but that poor thing has lived a rough life, it had more holes and cracks then not, I welded it all up and re-painted it, so it will live another day, just not on this bike. Thanks Rick, miss ya brother.


1977 Motobecane 50V




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