MBK 51 G2 Version 2

by Victor Pagan
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Version 2 of last year's G2 project. This time it is 99% completed with a lot of issues worked out and improvements made. The ball joint sourced is an official Bidalot G3 ball joint with a snap ring to allow a 99% seal which seems to work very well and is serviceable. Pike Powder Coating hooked me up with a fresh coat of white wheels. Bridgestone V02 slicks that are lighter and stickier than last year's Sava F001s. Added frame work for holding the fairings with more stability and a cut out to allow the exhaust to move freely. Woodcraft CFM helped out with the best clip-ons you could ever ask for. A few more odds and ends on top of a fresh coat of paint everywhere. Thanks to GoPro, Woodcraft CFM, Amsoil, and Pike Powder Coating for their sponsorship and Treatland or their continued support for the 4th season running. Specs: Top Speed: 60+ mph (does it even matter?) HP: 14.5 @ 12k rpm Torque: 6.2 ft Max RPM: ~ 13-14k RPM


1980 MBK 51 V




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Victor Pagan: It's geared for the track where I never need to go past 60mph. I've never gpsd it off track. Last time I did it was around 68mph.

Larry Degel: Nice ride man. I gotta ask; with 14.5HP, why are you only able to do 60+ MPH? That bike should take you up to close to 80, or even more.

Victor Pagan: Paioli 30mm forks, Grimeca brake (made for MBK forks), Grimeca MBK XR wheels.

DJ Lou: What front end are you running?

Ryan Lewis: Very clean! well done pro french racer

Tyler Brekke: looking good!