Lucky Ugly Tomos

by Mike Tran
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This bike was conceived to compete in the Dirty 30 Dirt Cross event happening this weekend, July 25-26 2015. Big shout out to all the people I borrowed parts from as well as a special thanks to Lucky Two Stroke for not only facilitating most of the parts, but also providing the blank canvas for me. The Build is a Tomos TX50 that has an A35 stock 50cc engine mounted and ported. It breaths through a 4 pedal Polini reed block and PHBG 19 carb. The exhaust is non other than a lovely Bi-Turbo A55 fabbed and mounted. The ignition system is delivered by an HPI inner rotor as well as an upgraded Paioli Mono shock that is fully adjustable. This abomination will also be ripping the Lucky Tomos Clutches 1st gear and a modified 2nd gear. *update : Rattle can flat black Clutch: It fired up last night and it went Braaaap! Tiiiiiight!






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Tyler Brekke: You guys are so lucky!

Mike Tran: its a Polini 4 pedal reed kit block kit and it fit perfectly.

Maci Dub: Damn you garage search, why must you fool me.

Maci Dub: Nice. How was the spacing on the 77 reed kit?