Lil Mac

by Mike Boyd
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This is my personal build that has been in the works in various stages on and off since 2011. K10 forks w/ stiffer springs, K10 front spoked wheel, Grimeca 5 star rear wheel w/ Hutchison GP1 2.25", K10 fender, K10 headlight & 80mph speedo, Custom Angel Eye headlight used as low beam or as passing lights when high beam is on via horn switch, Fully functional Tomos controls wired through Batmin handlebars, Slightly modded Magnum frame powder coated satin black (reinforcement at engine mount, removed extra material, shortened seat frame, 10mm top shock mounts,) All cables and wiring run through frame, E50 powder coated satin black, deep ported & matched to ported Polini w/ powder coated Malossi 4 petal (boyesen reeds) Custom VM20 rear-facing MMM intake, VM22 carb, 1986 Nash skate deck seat, 12v battery under tank charged from coil via regulator/rectifier, Blinker relay w/ functional LED rear integrated tail lights/turn signals/brake lights, Quick-disconnect for battery charge or to run lights directly from coil, Koso temp gauge run through frame, ATOMIC shielded ignition wire & boot, MLM Cali pipe, Lightened clutch bell w/ roller bearings & lightened starter plate, Lightened 3 shoe w/ paz springs & MLM brace, Puch e50 Teflon stuffed crank, ALL hardware metric allen stainless steel w/ acorn nuts galore, FAR vintage removable fairing SPECIAL THANKS: Brian Warrington at Kandy Kaots for powdercoat Graham Zuelig for frame mods Nate at MMM for custom intake Paz for some porting and stainless bolt kit Lester at Austin Mopeds for deals & wisdom Levi for K10 springs Austin Mopeds, 1977, Treats, & Myron's for parts COTL and ACR for wisdom and training


1980 Puch Magnum XK




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Mike Boyd: @Dan Kastner yes plz

Dan Kastner: Do you want me to fix those pics?

Chad Sutherland: FUCK A LTD. Fairing! haha ;) Great bike!