Lazer V1 with Puch Polini

by Ryan Nash
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Minarelli v1 with a stock needle bearing crank. Lightened clutch bell with needle bearing. Hammer clutch with red springs. Custom Puch kit spacer by Motomatic that I case/kit matched for the Puch Polini kit. Malossi 4 petal reed block with a custom 24mm intake by me. Mikuni TM24 flat slide carb and LBMopeds carb coupler. Hobbit HPI mini with a custom taper adapter and custom stator plate (before HPI released the V1 HPI, I had to have this one made for me by the Wizard Naz). I had to hand rewind the light coil because it was shorting out in the windings (no continuity), and now it is MUCH brighter (if you can even imagine that, rewound coil is on the left in the picture below). Exhaust is a Leo Vince ZX-R scooter pipe for a Zuma that I cut original header off of, made a flange and header, welded them together, and then re-welded everything (shortening header by 2" with my own header). Gearing is 11x44. Top speed is 51mph at a million rpms. This bike has INSANE low end and awesome mid and top end. It's a really great bike to ride around the city.


2015 Lazer Sport 50




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