Komfy Kreidler

by Brent Bublitz
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Bone stock so far, and it took a while to get here. I was told the dude "had it running" at some point when I bought it. Took that with a huge grain of salt at the time, and for what turned out to be good reason. The bike was all there otherwise, down to the air pump under the rack. Got it home, cleaned everything and tried to start it. It fired over a few times, then locked up with a crunching noise. I pulled the top end off, and it looked fine. Great, actually. I pried off the trans cover next, only to uncover a horror show. The Crank bearing was so disintegrated I could not even find the ball bearings. The inner race was seized on the crank and all the loose chunks must have worked their way into the main gear. It was chipped and scored everywhere and just trash. I pulled the gear and ignition off the other side of the motor, then split the cases. Both bearings on the ignition side were trashed as well, and fell apart in the same way as the trans side. The whole bottom end was total garbage. Someone somewhere must have run this thing thing out of fluid and just decided to see how far they could get. I found another MP9 bottom end cheap, and it turned out to not be terrible. I swapped everything out I could and it seemed to roll fine. The carb was a mess, cleaned that. The needle seat has been polished and I wound up having to shave the float slightly as the weird Bing they use seems to have some clearance issues after a certain amount of years. The floats bind on the bowl if you bounce the bike right, and gas pisses everywhere. They also use a metal tip needle instead of rubber. If anyone has a time machine, someone back in the mid 70's need a good boot in the ass. The kill switch, headlight, tail light and brakes did not work, but the goddamn horn was fine. I fixed the electrics (bad switches - all of them) by hard wiring the lights and replacing the kill switch with a spare I had. I fixed a bad seal on the starter clutch arm that was pissing trans fluid everywhere and drilled out the trans vent, fixed the shims on the clutch (Had to take it apart 5 times to get it right) and it now idles and shifts with no chatter. The exhaust has been secured properly, the baffle has been removed and thrown violently away and some speed holes added on the end cap. brap brap. The chain tensioner has been fixed, decals cut and applied. I think the bike is pretty much done. Starts on a quarter kick every time. Need some speed goodies and could use new tires.


1978 Kreidler MP-9




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Chris Schmid: Wow, thanks for saving this beast. Looks nice and complete, plus you've sorted out all the weird stuff. Love the Kreidler ride, so someone is going to get a helluva deal on this one.