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So... I wanted to build a vintage British racer styled (think Vincent Black Shadow) motorised bicycle/moped with some modern twists, on a small budget, from the ground up, as much as possible from stuff I already had or could cheaply buy/make from re-cycled materials. The stuff I had to buy, like the engine, exhaust, fuel tank etc, etc has been modified and enhanced to get away from the stock look of the readily available and cheap Chinese engine kits. The basis for the whole thing is the rigid steel frame and forks from a 1980's English Town Bike that I have cut about and repainted myself to keep costs down... bought for $5 on e-bay!! Although I have been building fixed gear, single gear & mountain bikes for some time, this is my first attempt at anything with an engine, so I wanted to keep it simple, low cost and learn from the experience. I have big plans for my next project(s) already having seen some of the wicked bikes on this site! Living on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea makes sourcing project bikes and parts difficult... I have to be resourceful! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGINE: 66cc 2 Stroke, all nuts, bolts & screws replaced with high quality stainless steel cap head bolts. 8mm cylinder head studs replaced. All ports smoothed, block & head sprayed with VHT black paint, pull starter fitted (which is actually a really good upgrade on these little Chinese engines). EXHAUST PIPE: Stock kit exhaust, internal baffle modified, black VHT paint. IGNITION: Standard kit CDI, wiring replaced, NGK BPR7HIX Iridium IX spark plug, NGK plug cap & quality copper core HT lead. CARB: NTTC, stock air filter removed and new one fabricated to incorporating RamAir filter foam. WHEELS: 700c from a racing bike with vintage chrome QR skewers, 28c Michelin City Road tyres, 44T rear sprocket for engine drive & 18T rear sprocket for pedal drive. CHAINSET: 36T single speed crank set with Shimano chain on pedal side with full chain case. 415 motorcycle chain on engine drive side with engine mounted chain tensioner, chain case & roller chain guide. HANDLEBARS: Straight bars from a 1990's MTB, chopped to 420mm and carbon wrapped. New black & silver colour motorcycle grips fitted. SEAT: Vintage style black leather sprung saddle with original chrome seat tube & pin. FRAME & FORKS:Both steel from a 1980's English town bike, original rear rack painted same colour as frame for a vintage period look, vintage style tools bags & box on rack. Here are just a few photographs of the basic build, more pictures and info as things get tidied up and something like the final version of the bike is ready.






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Steve Howard: No need to be rude... I would love to have the parts and bike at my disposal to build something else, but I haven't so am doing the best I can with what I got. I thought that's what it was all about? If you don't like it fair enough, that is entirely your free choice, but hey, don't knock someone for doing the best they can with the best they have.

WillD: where's the dislike button?

Steve Howard: Engine mounted chain tensioner ordered from a supplier in the USA. This really is turning in to an international build! Well on the way to being in a finished state now and being able to post pictures of a full bike!

Steve Howard: Issues with alignment of rear sprocket and chain. I guess these things are expected when you are building something from a pile of stuff that was never intended to be used together!!... All good fun though!!

Steve Howard: Engine in... front & rear lights fitted... electrics done... it's all coming long nicely!!

Steve Howard: Thanks man, appreciate your comments and help. Trying to do the best I can with what I got!! Love the idea of the China engine in the Puch/Moby frame though... I will keep a look out and see what comes up on the island... Cheers

Adam Arsenault: Hey dude I like What you're up to! Try and nabb up a beater Puch or Moby that has good wheels and suspension the engine and all that don't really matter, seeing as you've already bought one. Use the old wheels and forks on your build like I did! Get the expansion pipe and make sure your intake is ported correctly. I've built lots with these kits and they need constant re-tightening of this and that... so use lock tight where needed.