Indigan Type H Concept

by Shane Rickert
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Honda powered Indigan Trail concept bike, featuring as many Indigan and 1977mopeds production parts as possible! 1977mopeds parts: Universal Water Cooled Head Cast VM20 Hobbit intake Pre-production 6 petal reed block Pre-production Hydraulic Forks 77 House Brand Metal Pedals 77 Puch to Hobbit HPI Adapter Plate Indigan Parts: Pre-production Type H Frame Pre-production Hobbit Subframe Pre-production Seat Pan Pre-production Fabric Pan Pre-production 220mm Brake Disc Shock Mount Registration Sticker Bracket Trail Tech Temp Gauge Mount Rear disc pedal brake conversion Pull start assembly Other Parts: All LED lighting Contoured Tail Light Adaptor CR80 radiator Aluminum Overflow Tank Diamond Stitched Seat Pad CR80 Aluminum Front Wheel Red Hobbit Contra Spring Bigger and Better pipe! Made an adapter spacer for Peugeot exhausts. New LED headlight bulb that is insanely bright. Machined the version 1 water cooled head to accept the version 2 water jacket gasket. Had to go pull start because the new cut on the water cooled head was too high compression for the starter clutches. This thing is super blasty, and I think I'm calling it done. Fabricated new exhaust to replace peugeot pipe.


2016 Indigan Trail




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roger suarez: Sick Build! Can't wait to see those reeds come to life

Benjamin Piper: I would ride that :D Not big on the bars but nice setup :D