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by Matt Decker
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This is the Casserollers 2014 Raffle bike and someone is going to get one hell of a bike. The motor started out life as an MO2 but the cylinder was trashed and I decided to convert it to case induction so I could run an after market kit. I designed the aluminum parts to make the intake area similar to an M1/M101 intake area and had our local master welder Jake Cain weld all of the pieces to the case halves after making the required cuts in the case halves. Everything went well and came back looking stellar. The crank is a stock crank that was sent to Moped Crank Works and has been fully reconditioned. The bottom end was then put back together with all new bearings and seals. The cylinder on this motor is the 60cc Gilardoni that has been matched to the bottom end. The intake was custom made from some old handlebars and fits a Mikuni VM18 perfectly. The reed cage is stock but I drilled out the rivets holding the reeds to the cage and then tapped out the holes so you can now change the reeds when necessary. Right now the reeds are fiberglass Malossi. The ignition is stock and set to stock timing. I also can't forget the awesome EV Racing Turbo pipe on this thing. Sounds so cool. Other items to note on the bike are the Puch Magnum fork tubes in the Colt triple tree. The seat pan was also custom designed, formed and tacked together by myself. The rest of the amazing welding on the seat was done again by Jake Cain. The lights are a sealed beam tractor light from Fleet Farm and the tail light is a trailer light from Nappa and has the resistor trick done to it so it can run the running light and brake light in one single light. The tank was raised a little bit in the rear so it would follow the frame a little better. Oh yeah, the rear fender is mounted to the swingarm and the pegs are from a Motobecane. People I would like to thank for making this awesome bike happen are below. Adam Sanoki for the spare MO2 bottom end. Jake Cain for all of the amazing welding. Nick Schroetter for help with the build. Tyler Knight for help with the build. The Casserollers for providing parts. Moped Crank Works for fixing the crankshaft. Treatland and 1977 for having awesome parts.


1981 Cosmo Colt IV




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Jackson Farley: sweeeet tateys

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