Honda Exwife

by David Couzens
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Honda Express Moped for the wife - hence, Honda Exwife I really dislike how the NA/NC-50's look. I think they're terrible, aesthetically speaking anyway. But the 14" wheel base, turn signals and kickstart make it the perfect fit for my 5'1 wife and if I can get rid of the gastank seat and make it a top tank - maybe it won't look so bad after all. I think this is going to be a long build. It will require the following: (some deletion items are already accomplished) * Delete auto-choke * Delete Gas tank seat * Delete oil tank and oil injection system * Clean and red kote sebring tank * Swap keyed ignition for working one * Add brace for new gas tank * Install said sebring tank * Install Dellorto carb * Fix rear turn signal bracket * Replace Tires * Repaint to some kind of forest green my wife wants. * Install new battery and a whole lot of other things. - 7/26/16 * Got the Tank and frame back from sand blasting. The wheels pictured going on one of my Puchs. - 12/13/16 * Finally had some time to start breaking this thing down more! * Swapped the forks from another NC-50 onto the frame I got from this kid in Cali. Cleaned up the bearings and new grease applied. Smooth operator. * Swapped the headlight ring from yet another NC50. * New battery (unsealed, but have a sealed one to swap it out with. Having it sloshing about annoys me) * Have all new bulbs on order. My turn signals all light up but they're all different levels of brightness. * Reattached and sorted all the wiring. Tagged all the connection ends with tape. Tried to clean it up a bit underneath the speedo housing and had to solder new connections. * New headlight with replaceable bulb. Have a 6v/15w halogen on order. * Added new turn signal relay. * For some reason the running light blinks along with the turn signals. Not sure how normal that is. Interested to see how it behaves when I get the engine running. * Swapped out the brake switches from some hobbit controls where the wires had been cut SUPER short. There was almost nothing left to ever solder for new connections to the existing wiring. Pleased to say they work and I didn't melt or destroy the switches at all. * Have a general idea how I'm going to mount the tank. I don't want to weld onto the tube. Got a 2' piece of 1.5"x1.5" square tube with holes in it as the bar. I have cut the ends off of a bicycle mounting apparatus for hanging a step thru bike on a car bike rack in order to mount it to the frame near the seat, and going to have a wrap around attachment part (I can't explain it,see pictures if available) * Once the tank is mounted, I'll be able to figure out seat placement and make modifications to the back rank in order to sit flush. * Waiting for tank grommets to come from partzilla. * Puch style headlight fairing will be going on, needed to make some tabs in order to mount it to the light and still keep the front basket mounting assembly. I'm going to leave the rack assembly so the wife can use it to strap her purse too or something should need to do something like that. * Installed the honda hobbit stocko shocko extremo 60.2cc kit from treats. * I have a 15 delloroto carb to install, but I can't locate the mounting adapter I ordered at the same time. * will need new throttle cable. * Will need to complete oil injection deletion by plugging the open parts of the system. * I have the MLM NC50 sidebleed pipe ready to install. * I have new tires and tube and wheels(from parts bike) all ready to swap out. * Will need to source a rear fender, the current one is kinda broken, not that it won't mount, but it'll just look like crap. * Having some trouble with the rear brake, just can't seem to get it snug right where it'll swing back on its own smoothly. * I need to rebuild the engine but it's kind of a scary thought, seems really different than the e50 I have experience with. I'm probably going to wait until I have it running and broken down again for final painting. - 12/22/16 * New headlight with changeable bulbs installed * All new turn signal bulbs - nice and even lighting. Brake light still flashes along with it too but I think I read that is normal... * Tank is mounted! Just need a rubber o-ring or something on the back to make it stay put. * Seat is ready to be mounted, just need to make up some brackets - 12/27/16 * Finished up making the front and rear seat brackets, but I'm going to have to possibly extend the threaded area on the seats bolts to be able to actually have it satisfactory. * Once the seat is mounted, it'll just need a throttle cable and new shoes put on and some carb tuning. 8/15/17 * Well - this got side tracked for a long time! * Still need to fix the rear tire. * Wife decided that the headlight, fairing and turnsignals are all ugly as hell. She aint wrong tho.. * New headlight from treats. Added Visor for character. * New tailight ordered. Will keep the turn signals for now, but will eventually replace them with LED bolt lights. * Unfortunately to my great dissatisfaction, the tank is too long and her arms too short to comfortably hold a riding position, so I've ordered a new(to me) tank(hopefully shorter! tbh I didn't check) and a longer seat. This is seriously going to prolong this build another year....probably... * Ordered a throttle cable from treats but it ended up being too small. D'oh! another one en-route... 8/17/17 * Ordered TSM tank and a long Batavus seat. Hoping that makes up the difference. * Installed the new taillight but haven't hooked it up yet. Am going to have to remove some more material off the rack to clean up the look. * Throttle cable arrived, deff long enough this time around. Reeeeealy hoping I can just throw some gas in the tank and have it fire up...please! 8/31/17 * Took some doing to get the throttle cable sorted, I had a knarp that fit perfecting inside the throttle grip the first time around, but after receiving the longer cable I couldn't find anything but larger knarps that were too big. Had to file it down(twice over as the first time there was too much slack) But it's smooth now! * Wired up the new headlight, which sadly invovled removing the OEM bullet connectors for crappy pinch down connectors - although I did solder them. * Swapped for a sealed battery. Very nice! * Put some fresh gas in the tank, confirmed spark and after a bit of configuring my airflow by removing the airfilter and unblocking the oil inlet it came to life roaring! * I thought I had the battery box cover, I'm sure I did but I can't find it anywhere. Really hoping I wasn't a dumbass and threw it away or something. * Need to plug the oil injection port in the intake and make it so the oil pump loops into itself. * Want to install a temp gauge * TSM tank is like the same size as the general length until I find a smaller tank it says as is. Maybe I'll find one by the time she decides on her color scheme. *still need to put on new tires, respoke the rear and fix the rear brake cable. 9/6/17 * Labor day was very productive - she rides! * Replaced a few spokes on the rear wheel * New front and rear tire * Plugged the oil inlet nipple on the intake * Still needs tuning but so far top speed of 30 has been achieved. Slams into a wall and 4-strokes right at 30. Didn't have time to mess with timing any further. * Headlight body is coming part, I think I just need to add some spacers to stop it form being pulled and stretched out toward the mounting ears. * Still haven't located the battery box, just a bungee strap is holding it for now. 9/12/17 * Added inner tube chunks at seat mounting locations to address seat vibrations. It's a noticeable difference but not quite muted as much as I would prefer. * Front signal swap complete. * Temp gauge installed. * Battery box cover located! 9/25/17 * Popped a circlip and trashed the piston. Ordered a new piston and turns out I didn't have the stocko shocko kit at all, but instead treats sent me the 50cc italkit by mistake over a year and a half ago. They are awesome and have sent me a new stocko kit to throw on. * Turn signals swapped. However, I already have new LED signals coming along with some 6V flashers. 9/28/17 * Plugged the decomp on the REAL stocko kit, popped the piston on and slid the kit over. The foot peg bracket was a pain to get back on, I suppose I should have trimmed one or two fins a bit to make it a smooth fit, but I was able to stretch it out and get it over the fins. I'm not sure if it's a problem them being tight together, perhaps engine vibrations will cause an issue? * I didn't notice just how TERRIBLE the MLM peoples pipe was fitting on the Italikit. There was a small gap with the stocko, but a crush gasket solved the issue - super quiet now compared to how it was! * Haven't had time yet to try and do any tuning. Going to try really hard to break this kit in properly.





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