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We are giving this bike away! http://1977mopeds.com/herbi-fully-loaded-moped-raffle.html The Herbi came about as the idea to create a 80's factory bike that never existed. The Trans America Trail was always there inspiring it, but alas the bike did not get built in time. This Honda was picked up for $50 at the Gilmore Car Museum Motorcycle Swap meet. Herbi is a Honda with Derbi upgrades all around. A really tall suspension lets Herbi go over almost anything. We went with a 19 x 2.5in Pirelli front tire, with a 17 x 2.5in rear Shinko for really good on road off road capabilities. With the CDI unit in place, we ran a Halogen front light with LED rear housed in a ULO tailight assembly. For luggage we used the 77 Tool Roll and Rally Pack, made for us by the talented Montrose Stitchery. You might notice that the kickstand is insanely long. To clear this tall bike we needed to extend a stock Honda Hobbit kickstand about half a foot. Stock crank arms, and Cult Nylon Pedals seemed to be a good match. Co.St.A Front forks and shocks had been riding the dreambike shelf for forever waiting for the perfect build. Again, they almost ended up on the Diablo. We put the Derbi Metrakit on with very little fuss or muss by using the 12mm crank. Indigan seat, and racks all around for easy schlepping of gear and bike. Bars are a set up Indigan prototype bars that were also used on the Diablo. Basic universal leverset, and teflon coated cables stop it really well for drum bakes. Pipe started off as a Ninja G2, and was modded up by our buddies at Spring Valley Motors. Insane Dayglo Orange bars and subframe was coated by the Ghost RIders Simon Earley, with the frame coated by Joel Leo. Decals were cut for us by the Decepticons Captain Nick Jobbit. All the other odds and ends and final assembly was done by Dan Kitchen, with motor built by Brendan McGinnis. Concept and Design by me Dan Kastner. It takes many hands to get a bike wrapped up. Thanks to everyone who helped on it. Photography by Peter Mcdaniel,


1981 Honda PA50




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Larry Degel: I sure wish that I had seen this in time to get in on the drawing. Would the winner please email me if you want to sell it.

Steve Champion: How do I win it?

Steve Champion: I wants.

Ashlee P'tok: *swoon*

Christopher Squid: I'm in lovvvvveeeee

Tyler Brekke: So rad! I get to ride it right?

1977 Mopeds: A few more pieces for coating, cabling, and this bad dog will be ready for the show.