Hand Me Ciaown

by Kyle Fisher
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BUILD IN PROGRESS! What originally was going to go onto a Si frame became what is now my Ciao build, as evidenced by the Polini bravo head in the second picture which is now my Malossi Ciao head. Frame was powdercoated already by fellow GRGR Jeremy Shay when I purchased the roller from him. 12/3/2017: Currently need to wire and put cables on the damn thing, plus need to pull the clutch off another variated hub that I have. Going to experiment with springs after getting it dialed in. 5/30/2018: Changed out the exhaust twice, now has a Proma on it. Tops out right at 43MPH. Experimenting with jetting and weights. Most fun I've had riding on a moped. Feels like the worlds fastest barstool. Build notes: 13 SHA with intake/intake patch matched for it. Malossi Ciao head. 43mm DR cylinder. Mazzu cut crank (12 pin). Polini Vario. Malossi Belt Polini Top One Ciao exhaust in early pictures, new pictures I put on a Proma Circuit for city blastin' Si mags/gearbox. Head light from Batavus Starflight. Taillight from I think a Ford Truck. Indigan BLK bars (not currently pictured). Trying to make a 45 MPH street blaster, opposed to my dirt Hobbit that keeps trying to kill me when I ride it. PS: This is the most fun I've had building a motor. EZ PZ.


1979 Vespa Ciao




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