Green Blanco

by Andrew Scouten
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Green Blanco frame with Puch Magnum length inverted EBR's, MLM seat pan, I'm short and fit nicely on this bike. I had the exhaust studs filled in and re-tapped out to Puch size, making for a much larger exhaust port. Another fun V1 on the roads of Ohio and Michigan UPDATE: The clutch on this bike was always a bitch, it just kept slipping the nut, so rebuild time! This time I went with a V1L I had laying around, rebuilt it, added a 73cc Dos Kit, custom intake with a 6-9etal reed block, TM24, Puch Estoril (we'll get to that later). This thing ripped at the Dcons rally (2023), until the pipe mount broke off the frame, with the help of some zipties it finished the ride. So when I got home I added a V1 Proma, no more pipe mount needed! As for that cylinder, its good, but the squish is pretty huge, so I added a BRN high comp head, I usually dont care for these, the v1 Polini is designed for a stock head, butttt I needed to close that squish gap, so this works pretty well. Im happy o have this back on the road.






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