by Boris
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Still a lot of little things to work out, searching for some odds and ends... But at the moment: Plain Jane used Polini with a VM 20 / Weekends intake combo. Light hone done by certified local wizard and all around rad dude Ben Lambert + fresh piston and rings to go with it. Bottom end flushed out and redone with new bearings and seals. Clutch modifications done thanks again to Ben, bell modestly lightened with the holes amounting to just a bit under 80 grams removed. Also milled 1mm to accommodate 14x18x17 official bad dude needle bearing replacement. Pins welded in place with Rouge first gen springs I guess since the new new joints came out. Kamikaze Escapes pipe which I am a little skeptical of although I haven't had a chance to run it yet. Either way its a beautifully made pipe and it should be fun to try something a little different. Shout out to my set: My local richmond dudes who have pretty much all helped me with one thing or another at some point. XOXO





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SuprrrNaut: Wow. Bigger tires make this look aggressive!