General Brat

by Dave Sundin
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General 5Star frame shaved. update 3.15.2013 : now polini kitted Update: Added Rear wheel hydro brakes and Pull Start


1985 General 5 Star




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Ben Taylor: If you're still on this site, please email me I want to build a bike just like this, I think this is the nicest moped build I've ever seen and I have some questions!

Joe Romano: Bike looks awesome! Where did you get your handle bars from?

Dave Sundin: Added a pull start to this minarelli. The starter clutch plates fail easily and are getting harder to get, so I adapted a pull start for it. Works awesome.

Dave Sundin: Duran, I have since mounted a hydro disc brake to the rear on this build. The 5 inch drums just don't cut it. The hydro brake mount is welded to the spacer on the axle so it slides with the wheel as the chain is tightened.

duran morley: Did you have a rear brake on this bike? if so where to you mount it?

Marlon von Loessl: What a nice moped. It looks great. I have a few questions about this building. can you write me an email, so i can ask you some questions. it would be so nice thank you email:

William Ann: Bike looked perfect in original form :/

Dave Sundin: emmanual, you make some crazy awesome stuff! thanks

Brent Ellis: Looks great!

Pawel Figat: That's awesome!

Andy Sundin: Dave is my dad and fortunately I get to ride this to classes everyday. Perfect build for a college town. Tons of fun! thanks dad

emmanuel dumigron: Nice ! love the color too

Dave Sundin: Email on the way Pawel

Dave Sundin: Thanks for the nice comments Charlie! I think it was you that suggested the BRAT name. :-) couldn't resist your suggestion. DS

Pawel Figat: This is beautiful, sir. I have a few questions for you about this build regarding the powdercoating, shaving, and hardwiring procedures. Can you please shoot me an email so I can ask you a few questions? It would be an awesome help, as I am new to the whole moped thing. email: Thank you.

Charlie Maynard: This bike is so sick. I'm glad to see the name changed! ;)

Dave Sundin: Thanks Dan! D

Dan Kastner: Dave, this bike turned out great! Well done!

Dave Sundin: Some build notes:

  • frame shaved
  • frame, wheels & spokes powdercoated
  • tank and forks painted
  • (lite pinstriping coming later)
  • hardwired w/ leds
  • Cylinder =stock - port matched
  • all cables, wires, and fuel line are raced thru the frame for extra clean look
  • custom built seat
  • custom fork brace
  • 17 x 2.75 Heidenau tires front / rear
  • 11x 38 sprockets (3.45 ratio)

Dave Sundin: Oh yea, Thanks to the folks (Dan and Jed) at 1977 for help and many of the parts on this build

Dave Sundin: Hey Michael, Standard maguro controls with some foamy grips. nice and soft. :-) Thanks for the compliments! D

Michael Dobson: What controls are those? Sick ped.