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Late getting this up but it's handy to be able to link to: I swear there was a nice photo of it somewhere... Last year my friend Mark left his parts bike Garelli at my house. Totalled motor, no back wheel, no seat or lights, blown shocks, and we'd just swapped the forks to his other bike. I managed to smash this together for only about 400 bucks in just over one week. Despite only being able to work on it after kids asleep certain evenings when not hanging with my wife instead, felt pretty proud... Had to do a ton of work making the forks work, swapping shocks, making seat mounts for another seat, replacing rusted out hardware, wiring in new lights, wiring up the electric, making a bolt in mount for the controllers and battery, adapting the electric wheel to fit, cleaning up the existing wheel to work and brake again, still needs longer kickstand. But it works! 36v 1000w hub motor in a 20" wheel size, with 16" moped tires. 10Ah battery. Pretty underpowered but kept it cheap just to figure out how to make it work. Goes low 20s. Balls slow up hills. But its ALL ENTIRELY REVERSIBLE. Controller and battery etc all bolts into the existing motor mounts. Uses 36 to 12v step down for lights. Motor and controller kit on deal for $140 Step down converter $12 36V 10Ah battery $240 Metal box $12 Random metal welded together for motor to controller mounts and washers spacers etc, maybe another $20. I rode it til I could rebuild the stock motor and kit it, now it's a ripper garelli. Dunno where this motor will go next.





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