GP Stock Class Moby

by Andrew Scouten
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This is my build for the Stock Class Moto GP I started with a standard av7 moby frame, added an av10, and plan to get whooped by Ed on his stock flat reed Derbi How will I do it? Well im running, stock av10 cases, rebuilt with an Airsal crank, a late model stock LC cylinder that came on Magnums, a 15 sha (the largest allowed for stock class), Le Partie CDI, a heavily modified stock variator ( starter shoes removed, 2 Peugeot starter balls in place of 2 stock moby balls, reducing my weight to 15g instead of the stock 40 or 30 depending on your guide, lightened shoes ((also welded the arms to increase the stall)), I drilled holes in the variator itself to cut down on weight), an old school Ninja pipe, I used some of Rebel Mobys spring mods to give more resistance, and 11x56 gearing It hits low 40's and has pretty good take off. This bike is genuinely fun and it taught me a lot about the stock variator that I had never bothered to learn before, why fuck with stock when you can buy an er2 or er3? But in the end I wound up having some respect for that I did not have prior We'll see if I keep the stock vario after the races, but for now its all set to have some fun!






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