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by Kevin Hamer
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As this is my 5th moped, I knew that the Korado was going to be my first big build. It all started with chopping the original frame and buying a Kreidler racing seat. After that I got my hands on a Puch X30 gas tank, but unfortunately it was too small to fit onto the frame. One of the gas tanks that would fit right away was from a Zundapp 529, so that was the one it was going to be. Since I always hated rusting shock absorbers and loved Puch N-frames, the rear swing arm was going to be welded into a fixed position. To get things in the right proportion the original front fork is replaced by a short EBR. After a lot of body work preparation the racer was ready to be painted. All the logos, letters and stripings are painted onto the moped (so no stickers)! The revised engine: - 50cc Airsal - Original crankshaft - 12mm Bing - Twin Air 28mm Foam Filter - Renewed stock point ignition - Tecno Bos exhaust Optical: - Zundapp 529 gas tank - Fixed swing arm - EBR front fork, black - Clipons - Brooks handles - Thumb throttle - Kreidler race seat - Sava MC2 Semislick 2.50 x 16’ inch tires - Iris GSX Gold chain Thanks for watching!


1999 Puch Korado




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Yann Latour: Beautiful!!! Great work!

William Vantapool: do you know were i could get a frame like that?

Kevin Hamer: Sorry for the typos, stupid Dutch autocorrect XD

Kevin Hamer: Here in the Netherlands the law is pretty strict on that one: it's permitted to drive this bike without a helmet, but it may not be able to go faster than 25 km/h. 1 km/h faster and they confiscate your papers and license plate (although it still goes 55 km/h with this setup). I drive this bike on a week basis, so 70cc was not an option! :-(

CornPed: This is a sweet bike! But why did you go with that engine set up? its really lacking compared to the rest of the bike.

Kevin Hamer: Thanks for your comment Todd! The swing arm is definitely not as bad as it looks. A bumpy road is a pain in the ass though (literally)!

todd amundson: Scary swing arm on this. Frame is definitely heavy duty. I would love to try this type of rear setup as a challenge but my kidneys would hate me. I'd party with this builder for sure...